Raising fence height?

Is there an easy way to increase the height of a fence, without putting up a new fence? The current fence is no climb wire with a middle and top rail. About 5 ft tall.

I was thinking of getting a mustang, but would need a 6 ft tall fence. I thought about buying metal panels and making a new paddock but the 6 ft panels are expensive and heavy. Tried looking for used ones and have only found 5 foot fence panels. Trying to decide if it is worth the extra work to get a mustang rather then just buying something else. My property has plenty of fencing, but it’s not mustang appropriate.

Does it have to be solid/rail to 6’ ? Could you run electric tape or rope as the top rail? You can get ~12” long mounting brackets that could be screwed vertically into the top of your posts (assuming they’re wood?).

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What are your fence posts? Wood - round or square, or metal?

If wood you could add another section to each post using a butt joint secured on opposing sides with metal plates and screws. An alternative is to extend height by cutting half lap joints in the old post and a new extension post and securing with bolts. Plates and screws are quicker and easier, and maybe a bit cheaper given the cost of long, large diameter bolts.

Do you want wire up to the new height, or rails, and is electric fence tape acceptable??

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Electric fencing isn’t acceptable. The current fencing has wood posts, 2 rails, with no climb 2x 4 inch wire mesh. I think it may be possible to run one more rail at the top and attach a rail above that with a 2 by 4 plank going down each post for support.

that will work, either use lag bolts or screws…if not using treated lumber paint the 2by4 on all sides before mounting otherwise moisture trapped between the post and the add on could allow rot to occur

Good for you! Looks like you answered your own quedtion. Enjoy the mustang!

I found the requirements I think you are working with here:

  • Minimum of 400 sq. feet of corral space per animal, i.e. 20’ x 20’
  • Suitable materials: pipe panels, wood posts, planks (min. 1.5" thick), horse fence (V Mesh or 2" x 4" square). Barbed wire and electrical materials will not be approved as part of the facility description
  • 5-foot-high facility for yearling or gentled horses of any age
  • 6-foot-high facility for an ungentled horse two years or older

Since a 5’ fence is perfectly fine normally and this will be a temporary need, my choice would be a 6’ round pen (which most likely has to be new… it is rare for them to come up for sale used and undamaged.). That way you can make it the size you want as you work with the horse.

You’ll probably find the panels infinitely useful once you have them, but if not, they will sell quickly. Even old rusted and bent panels are snapped up in a flash around here.


Going along with wsmoak here, I’d go for the expense of creating a small round pen sized, six foot plus tall corral/round pen area using panels and not modify the rest of your fencing. You will want that small area to work with the horse in anyway. It might as well be his ‘home’ until you are confident he won’t be leaving over a fence! Honestly, I would love, love to have that sort of set up right now and I am not working with a mustang, just a young, very athletic draft yearling who has less human interaction than I had thought.
Once the horse has determined this is home, your five foot no climb will probably work well.
If you do want to add on height, adding another, relatively temporary rail to wooden posts is definitely doable.