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Raleigh-Durham Boarding

Moving to the Raleigh-Durham area in May and looking for a decently affordable place to board. Prefer something with consistent trainers and eventing friendly. We aren’t sure which direction we will be, so suggestions in and around the area please!

Quail Roost, Portofino, Terrells Creek, Chapel Hill Equestrian, Wildwood Farm, Fenridge Farm, Epona Equine, Victory Hill, Five County

Lots to choose from, narrowing down an area will help!

If you post on NCDCTA’s FB page or Triangle Area Equestrian, you’ll get good options.

Wildwood doesn’t do boarding, but Jeannette may know of someone with space. She’ll teach trailer-ins or come to you. :wink: There’s also Lockhill and Fairintosh in Hillsborough that allow trainers to come in. I think Crescent does too.

Board prices locally are pretty reasonable. Pasture board starts at $250-300 and stall board is $350 and up. I’d expect to pay $500 for a good full-care farm.

It’s a big area. Depends on where you’ll be–closer to Raleigh or durham, etc

And if you’re willing to be a bit south of Raleigh you’ve got options in Sanford, even more further south in the Southern Pines area.

Basically, you can’t swing a dead cat and not hit a nice boarding facility. Lots of options.

Thanks for the initial info! I know its hard without location preference, but as I am looking for barns, apartments, and a job at the same time I am trying to find something that would work in each triad direction.

Quail Roost. Carol’s barn. North Durham area. Durham is the coolest place to live in the area - and close/easy commute to the RTP - depending on your definition of “cool.” It’s just more of an alternate scene to the big box manicured lawns mcmansion b.s. in Raleigh. Raleigh and Chapel Hill traffic are pretty hideous.

Anyway, Quail Roost is great - good management, tons of ride out, and I think they went eventer-friendly a while back (I haven’t been down there in a while). There are several barns. I’d go with Carol’s (the daughter).

Thanks for the initial info! I know its hard without location preference, but as I am looking for barns, apartments, and a job at the same time I am trying to find something that would work in each triad direction.[/QUOTE]

Are you looking in the triangle or the triad?? Two different areas. Raleigh/Durham is part of the triangle. The triad is further west.

I disagree with flying change’s characterization of raleigh and chapel hill. Durham has the least good of the public school systems if that is a consideration (we are 49/50 overall, so I’m not sure how much that will matter). Durham does probably have the least expensive housing market, and lowest taxes; it also has the highest crime rate and gang activity. Chapel Hill has a young professional scene, and Carrboro was hip before Durham knew what a hipster was. Chapel Hill is fairly bucolic and small. Durham not as much–although in the northern part of the county (where Quail Roost is) you can find big money and big farms. Raleigh has horses pretty much everywhere, and also the vet school.

When you decide what part of the very large area you will be in, I think I and other people will have some recommendations about where to look.

As I said, it depends on how you define “cool.” They are very different areas. When we first moved to the area, we lived in Raleigh for one year and could not get outta there fast enough. Moved to Durham, not far from the East Duke campus (old small homes, sidewalks, real neighborhoods) and commuted to the RTP for work and to Chapel Hill for grad school as well. Chapel Hill is a cute town but it is super expensive and the traffic can be a real bear. I know - I dealt with it for several years as a UNC student living in Durham!

As far as Carrboro getting dibs on “hipster” before Durham “knew what hipster was,” I am quite certain that most Durhamites will gladly let Carrboro keep that distinction. They aren’t quite so in to posing - too busy keeping it real.

Anyway, strongly advise that you go spend a bit of time in the area before making any decisions!

Finally making decisions and will be living on the edge of Raleigh/Cary near 40/64. Victory hill is 25 minutes from there, so it looks like that’s where I’ll end up.

Have you gotten there yet? How do you like things? We are considering the idea of moving to that general area in a few years. Have family in Raleigh.