Rambo Vari-layer blankets discontinued?

I tried to order a Rambo Vari-layer blanket and was told that Rambo has discontinued them. If this is true, does anyone know why?

Horseware Ireland seems to still sell some Vari-Layer blankets from their website for the Amigo, Rhino, and Rambo lines. Did you see the message on the Horseware website?

No, I went on the Rambo website and didn’t see a message. What did it say? I see the vari-layer blankets on the website but I was told by a tack store that they were no longer making them.

Most websites seem to be still selling them but they may be planning to not sell them in the future?
Horseware Ireland is the official brand of the Rambo, Rhino, Amigo, and Mio blanket lines and they did release the new Rambo Revamped collection as part of the Autumn Winter '21 season and none of the blankets in that specific collection are Vari-Layer. However, if you search Vari-Layer on Horseware’s website, it’ll show all blankets with Vari-Layer including other Rambos from outside the collection.