Re setting password frustration

so I have a new laptop. I had ‘remember’ passwords on the old one. so, I could not get in to forum. I kept trying to re set but it never accepted it, and I never got the email. did contact mods to try to get help. anyway. ONLY sharing this in case I wasn’t the only one doing it wrong! the need to reset password prompt has a space to enter email/username. I did. repeatedly nothing. Just to say: JUST type in your email. don’t use a / or add a username. sheesh. would have been so easy to just direct us to put in the email. (never did hear back for any help, btw)

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Sorry for the confusion! We’re still in a bit of limbo with our tech help. I didn’t hear back from my initial inquiry to them, and I missed your follow-up (that I just found) on Friday in response to our first exchange.

Thank you for sharing the solution you found, and my apologies for leaving you hanging!

AFAIK The / means or. So it means enter email or username, not both at the same time.