Real custom tail coat makers

I know about Jo at SESporthorse.
Looking for additional ideas.
Most I have found have very limited color selection-black blue grey……
Flying Changes has more but still not the right color. (Unless my screen makes colors a lot darker than they really are).
Other ideas?

How far do you want to travel? When I hunted at Trader’s Point in the 1980s, everyone had their hunt clothes made at Leon’s Tailoring in Indianapolis. I have had two hunt coats made there --one in 1983 and one in 2003, I think (would have to check the label). Both coats look perfect despite age and wear. Last time I was there, Leon’s granddaughter was running the shop. You might email or call --and as you might guess --they are not cheap.

Do they make tail coats. Not just hunt type coats? And none of them are cheap…. Lol

All four masters had their red tail coats made there, and two from my present hunt --but not sure of dates. The tailor seats you on a “horse” complete with saddle in the fitting room in front of a mirror to make sure the coat hangs properly and the buttons are correct for your height. I would bet $ they do tail coats --seems like one of the Chicago Bulls had to have his suits made there because of his height --and a tail coat was one of the items they made for him . . .but not sure where I heard that . . .haven’t lived in Indianapolis since 1976 --however, I did suggest the masters where I hunt at BCH go there for their hunt coats --I think one of them flew his private plane down with the others on board. Living the high life!


Yep, still in business – email and ask . . .

Maybe TackNRider in Wellington. They have a lot of colors and wild piping.

Can anyone give a ballpark figure of what you mean by not cheap? Hundreds? Thousands? Five figures?

Adi Valentino Suyinto is based in Indonesia and I have heard wonderful things about his work.

Thanks everyone. Seems the colors are all the same - the “standard” black, grey, blue, maybe burgundy… Lotus Romeo has some others, but still rather … boring now that jacket colors have been relaxed.

You might consult with a skilled tailor and see if they can make a coat using your existing coat as a pattern.

Do not give up hope - the Dutch dressage team had those orange shads made SOMEWHERE.


Maybe you could check out this person who advertises on Etsy? Photos of the real coat this person has made for other customers would give you a good idea if the quality is the same as the picture in her post. May be worth a try.

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Adi Valentino Suyitno is on fb. He has lots of colors and will make what you want. He often shows pics of bolts of fabric he has. I know he made at least one stretchy coat.
His pictures show lovely coats but I haven’t seen one in real life. But he seems really nice.

You could also check with Amy at Clothes Were the Days on Facebook. She’s located in Baltimore. She and I have mutual friends through the Maryland Renaissance Festival as well as the local theater community and she does beautiful work. I’d be surprised if a dressage coat was outside of her comfort zone.

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Go buy your own fabric and have the tailor make the coat.

The Dutch coats were custom from Pikeur, who is a sponsor.

Any competent men’s tailor could make a tailcoat, if shown a current one to show an example of where the details differ.

I also think Jo at SE would make you whatever you want, if you are able to source fabric in a color you like.

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@PeteyPie --I would think a custom made tailored coat would be $1500 - 2000. I’m basing this on what my own hunt coat cost in 1980s --$800. Secondly, I made myself a Shadbelly --it took me over 120 hours (HOURS) start to finish first cut to last button. Six hours was hand sewing --one stitch at a time. There were 26 buttons on my coat --and I did button holes for each one. I only wear my Shad at the Blessing of the Hounds --I made it because every one I tried was too short in the waist --Oreo cookie look when my shirt bloused out over my belt below the points. . And I am tall, I wanted those tails to hit the tops of my boots! They do! I also made custom color points in my hunt colors, and the usual mustard. Would I do it again? I guess so, but I sure hope not. Ironically, I made a “trial garment” first using heavy weight sports fabric about the same weight as the wool I planned to use ($40/yard black gaberdine). The trial coat came out so nicely, I never made the wool one. I hadn’t bought the fabric for it (5 yards as I recall). The trial coat looks acceptable and in October when our Blessing is, weather can be hot!


Thanks. Jo made my current coat.

Yes, much cheaper than the prices in this thread. I have a FB friend who has a custom one that’s black and pink. It’s lovely.