Really sensitive mare! Help please

Hi I own an irish sport horse (Anglo Arab X connemara) and she ALWAYS seems to have a girth rub/ gall. She has a leather Atherstone girth with gets cleaned after every use and she has a fleece girth sleeve that also gets cleaned. I have tried almost everything. … harding with methylated spirits when healed, vaseline, stretching out her legs before riding, brushing really well… I’m really desperate at this stage I never seem to get to even ride her anymore if anyone had any suggestions on treatment prevention better girths … anything I’d be really grateful thanks so much

Try a mohair girth. They really do work well with thin skinned horses.

Second the mohair girth. I use them on both of my horses and absolutely love them.

How is an AAxConnie cross an ISH? Totally off topic I know, but curious because I have an ISH and he’s at least got ID and ISH?

Another thing you can try: After you tighten girth, stand in front of your mare, pick up left leg (or the right) and stretch it out towards you and up a little bit, then do the other leg. This will release any pinched skin under the girth and make it nice and smooth under there. Also, don’t forget to tighten girth little by little–after walking a bit in between each tightening.

Simple, it isn’t. In order to be an Irish Sport Horse, the horse needs to be either ISHxISH or an Irish Draught crossed with another breed, usually a TB or a European warmblood.

An ArabxConn cross does not an IDH make…

Now back to your regularly scheduled thread…

My mare is the same. I stretched the legs, tried different girths etc and nothing seemed to help. I finally tried another girth cover (see below) and have never had another girth gall. She always has this type of girth cover when ridden. I make sure that the ends of the cover reach up to the saddle pad so no part of the girth itself touches my mare.

It is so annoying isn’t it thanks for your suggestions Where would I get this girth sleeve or what make is it thanks

Sorry I didn’t bother write it all out. Her parents are both irish spot horses but there is a good bit of Anglo Arab in the stallion (AA X RID) and she has definitely got a good bit of AA in her as well … slightly dished face, short back, high tail carriage. I just wanted to mention it because AA are very thin skinned and I thought it could be relevant

Thanks for the advice on the mohair girth I did look into them but they aren’t stocked where I live. I’ll try again though thanks

I’m surprised no one has mentioned conformation of your horse relative to the shape of the girth. If she has a forward girth groove, she might benefit from an anatomic girth. Here is the best explanation of conformation & girth shapes that I’ve seen. You may have to download it & enlarge it if your eyes are as bad as mine :slight_smile:

This is where I bought mine: