Recommend a mental skills coach please

Hey guys. I could really use a mental skills coach, I think. I’m on this journey with a green warmblood, and I’m a mess. He’s great for the trainers, but my doubt, fear, and anxiety have been ruining our jumping lessons (totally fine on the flat; it’s just the jumping that sucks). I’m probably making the horse and my trainers nuts. Maybe selling this horse is the way to go…but I want to try mental coaching first.

Can anyone recommend a coach? I can’t afford to do it on an ongoing basis forever, but I’m hoping a few sessions might be helpful.

P.S. I know someone will want to suggest gaining confidence by taking lessons on a schoolmaster, but my barn doesn’t offer that…and nobody around here does, either :(.

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Jane Pike comes to mind. I’m not sure what she’s up to these days but she used to run the Confident Rider course and possibly might do individual sessions.

You can check out some podcast episodes to see if her work is a good fit for you

(I’m glad to hear that selling the horse is an option after you explore some other things. Don’t let anyone guilt you into keeping him if he’s not right for you at this time.)

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I love Tonya Johnston’s book, facebook page and her podcasts. Look her up on fb or her website and she does phone consultations, too, although I haven’t done that myself.

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Jenny Susser is great.


I am right there with you!!! I’ve been using Paul Haefner, I really love him because he has his Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, so while his business centers around mental skills and that type of thing, he also has a deep understanding of psychology and therapy beyond what your typical mental skills coach might have.

I love knowing that he’s right there as a resource whenever I may need a session, I highly recommend! His son is Justin Haefner who blogs for the COTH as well, so he also had an understanding of horse behavior, and especially YOUNG horse behavior.

Good luck!


Working with Tonya Johnson 20+ years ago flat out changed my life. I think about the advise she gave almost daily, and when I was working (not horse related) applied some of her techniques to my managerial style with phenomenal results.


Thirding Tonya. I listen to her podcast every horse show morning or just when I need a pick me up.


I have worked with both Jenny Susser and Tonya Johnston and cannot recommend both highly enough. They are both great.

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I worked with Tonya and loved her. I still use things she taught me and have been considering doing another round soon.

Mario Soto - he’s wonderful. I did a few sessions with Tonya and I needed a different vibe (she was great I just needed a different style).

Another Dr. Jenny Susser fan!