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Recommend Horse Bridles / breast plates?

Hi, I currently have a schockemohle bridle and breast plate, but the quality is not up to par, and I’m going to replace them both.
The bridle I have is the “ Schockemöhle Malibu Dressage Bridle with Crystal Detail “
They have been well cared for but it does not withstand the daily usage.
The breastplate is getting very worn, I have only owned both bridle and breastplate for 3 months😬

So what bridles and breastplates would you recommend that has a simliar look to the bridle, but is the better quality.
I was looking at lumiere but I’m unsure of quality and am scared to buy them due to them being in Australia and myself in Ireland so prices / tax will be expensive so I want to make sure quality is up to par if I consider buying from them.
Edit: I was looking at dyon, any honest / opinions / good reviews on this?

I have no problem buying from abroad as long as quality is worth the price.

Any feedback will be appreciated on topics good quality bridles and breastplates
Thank you so much to everyone replying!!

Welcome to COTH! If you don’t receive any assistance here on Off Course, you might try posting in the Dressage section as there are other bridle threads running there at the moment.

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Lumiere is mediocre quality, but the leather is nowhere near as soft as your Schockemohle. Check out Solo Equine bridles, they’re lovely. What model is your breastplate? (So I have an idea of what to recommend)

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It’s the schockemohle wellington select breastplate.
I am not fussy about the breastplate, as long the straps are to connect to the girth straps instead of the top of the saddle, I find when it’s attached to the girth straps it’s much more secure and doesn’t bring the saddle forward.
Thank you for the advice and feedback.

Passier and Vespucci are both top quality and have comparable styles. You will have to pry my Vespucci bridles out of my cold, dead hands.

I recently purchased an Arion 3-point and am really impressed by the quality and design. For dressage, I have the Devoucoux beastcollar which i LOVEEEE

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I second Passier and Vespucci. I find Passiers are more durable and don’t stretch as much as some Vespuccis tend to. If you are ordering anything Passier brand, get it from Fundis. WAY cheaper.

All my horses use Dy’on bridles and breastplates. The quality is great and the horses are really happy in them.
Make sure you checkout EquiZone’s Black Friday sale this month. You’ll pick up a really good deal on them!