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Recommend your favorite riding-related books

I need some new things to read during what’s promising to be a long, nonsocial winter.

What are your favorite riding-related books? Theory, (auto)biography, basics, how-to… anything, really. What do you return to, again and again, for information and/or inspiration?

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I have a bunch of favorite books that I enjoy rereading over and over again. Not a big fan of biographies, but theory and how-to books are my jam. I own basically every book my Cherry Hill. Many of her books are aimed at either complete beginners, or are best used as a reference for some type of project (building a barn, buying a trailer, etc.).

I really like Sean Patrick’s Countdown to Broke. The writing is very clear and accessible. Patrick’s breakdown of his training method is a good starting point regardless of discipline.

My second favorite book to reread is about the Masterson Method of equine massage. It is a fun, low-stakes topic to learn about and comes with tons of pictures.

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