Recommendations for a branch trimmer

Can anyone recommend a good tool for trimming tree branches (up to about 6 inches wide or so)? I’m looking for something that is in between a hand saw and a full-fledged chain saw. Probably battery powered because some of the branches I need to trim aren’t near a power outlet. Thanks!

How about a chain saw on a stick? (Normal people call it a pole saw…) This is one of my favorite tools because other than dropping a branch on yourself, it’s pretty hard to get hurt when the business end is so far away from you.

Yep, you want a pole saw. Around here we call the chainsaw-on-a-stick type an “alligator on a stick” lol. I have good luck with just a regular pole saw anyway, depending how high up the branch is.

I’d go with a regular ol pole saw, unless the bulk of your branches really are in the 6" spectrum.

A good Marvin blade and a couple of extension poles, and you’ve got something that’s not very expensive, doesn’t get cranky about starting, and doesn’t need any gas or bar oil. It’ll last you just about forever!

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I love my battery powered pole saw! It’s by Greenworks, but I’m sure other brands are good too. It has a 40 volt battery. It lasts as long as I do with the trimming. You can remove a section of the pole to make it not quite as long if you want. I even used it to saw through a probably 12-14" log once when I couldn’t get the gas chainsaw started and a downed tree was blocking the driveway.

Thank you all! A pole saw sounds like what I need. I like that they are long so I won’t have to deal with a ladder if I need to trim a tall branch.