Recommendations for barn cameras

Well, the time has finally come to replace our aging and erratic two Swann cameras in the barn prior to foaling season.

I have been doing some googling but feel it is always wise to consult those who have found a system they like - and the technology is constantly improving.

We would like to upgrade to having cameras on all 4 big box stalls in the front aisle - as well as possibly having one on the aisle at the back stall row.

Barn is metal siding. Current aged system runs on a cable that goes up into the arena rafters (arena is attached to barn), runs the length of the arena and through the wall into my barn apartment. It hooks up to a monitor on my bookcase. There is a small control box in the barn that you can use to decide which camera to use - or have the cameras switch back and forth. All very archaic and gasping its last breath.

Ideally the new system could be viewed via the computer or a cell phone. What a relief it would be to be able to monitor mares that way!

Also upgrading foaling alert system - but cameras require more work and expense.

Thanks for any and all input! :slightly_smiling_face:


I have Alibi Witness cameras and am very happy w them. Customer service from Alibi Witness is wonderful. I had them professionally installed so I cannot give you any information about that. I’ve had very few problems. When I have had a hick up, I call AW and those talented people can talk me through it. Hope this helps.

Thanks for that suggestion!! I will look into them. I see some other systems were mentioned on another thread about security and will look into them as well…

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