Recommendations for consignment sales barn

Recommendations for a consignment sales barn for event prospects, preferably in VA or nearby?


Danielle Poulson at Hunt Club farms does a great job with sales. She’s in Berryville VA

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Sorry to hijack but I’ve a quick question to ask - do you usually get a contract for the consignment of your horses?

Pippa Moon
She great with the sales and she sells to the hunter/jumper and dressage markets as well.

Not in VA (she’s based in TN and FL), but our own @eponacowgirl moves a lot of sales horses.

Courtney Cooper, although she’s in PA.

Destination Farms in MD sells a lot of young event horses - but most are off the track that they’ve restarted. I don’t know if they do consignment.

Martin Douzant of Frame Sport Horses.


Rebecca Barber / Jubilee Equestrian in Free Union just outside of Charlottesville. Very professional at selling!

Not in VA but Lauren Romanelli seems to have a good program going in TN and FL . I’m not sure if she buys outright or does consignment.

Tiffany Catledge might at Allforit farm, Hamilton.