Recommendations for PPE vet near Des Moines, Iowa?

I know its a long shot. Does anyone have recommendations for a PPE vet in Des Moines/Central Iowa area? Please PM with any vets to avoid. TIA for your help!


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It’s been a long time since I lived in the area so hopefully someone more local chimes in, but here are some names to get you started. Iowa State University in Ames has a very good vet school and likely one of their equine surgeons would do a good job. Dr. Scott McClure who was a surgeon at ISU for many years also recently started his own private practice in the area.

Thank you for the recommendation! I was able to find him. Also found a recommendation for another vet doing a search on here.

I had Iowa State do the PPE when I purchased my mare. Very thorough and if something comes up that needs a bit further examination, the imaging capabilities are right there - no muss, no fuss.

Scott McClure was recommended to me as well, as having a great local reputation for soundness stuff. I did not end up using him because the seller flaked out on me. This was summer of 2020 and availability of all the vets was really tough. Others I tried were:

Iowa Equine
Dr Carly Ross
Dr Appell of Pleasant Ridge - website said he had digital x-rays but after I scheduled he told me he only had 5 films so could only x-ray 5 things at a time…?

Thanks everyone for the responses. For the purposes of any future searches for PPE vets near Des Moines, my vet at home vouched for Scott McClure and I trust my vet 100%. Unfortunately, the horse turned up lame the day before the PPE :slightly_frowning_face: