Recommendations for Sacramento area housing needed!!!


I may be moving to the Sacramento/Davis area depending on a job and I have been struggling to find a place for myself and my horse. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to fly out there before I get the notice, but I need to have something in mind just in case.

I’d appreciate it greatly if someone could recommend a safe area to search for somewhere to live and where to board.

I am looking to buy a 1b/1b condo under 80k, ideally w/o carpet, 700sq ft+ in a reasonably safe area. I have been using,, and to find places and then running the neighborhoods to see crime rates, so hopefully someone can save me some time.

For him:
12x12 stall
8 hour daily t/o minimum
quality grass and alfalfa hay fed 2x daily or 3x if stalled during the day
grain 2x daily (I can provide no problem!)
friendly management
under $500 would be ideal - can be pasture boarded too
covered arena or indoor
trails (not necessary but nice)
lessons and horses for lease - my horse is 23 and retired

Thank you!!!

Do you know where you’d like to live? There are lots of options around there, from in the middle of things (Downtown Sacramento) to outlying areas like Roseville that cater to the professional who wants a quieter area with lots of amenities. Transportation is an important factor to consider too.

As for horses, most places in California don’t offer the kind of turnout you’re probably used to so I’d save myself the headache and either look for pasture board or a private paddock. Few of the places I’ve looked into offer turnout as part of board at all, but the ones that do will turnout for about an hour. I’ve yet to find one that has the space to turnout all day.

Good luck in your search!