Recommendations needed for portable corral panels

What do you have and how is its working for you?
Thanks in advance for your comments/feedback

ETA: Never mind, I missed the “Portable” in the title! These are not something you’d want to strap to the side of your trailer and haul around.

I have had one from Chubby Baird Gate Company for over 10 years and it has held up okay. There is some rust but I did not take good care of it. If I had touched up the welds with silver paint and made sure the caps were tight and that water wasn’t sitting inside, it would be in better shape.

I am not sure if they sell direct anymore but Ramm appears to resell them.

is the same photo as this:
oh I see, it used to be ‘free shipping’ and now they charge extra for a residence/farm.

Photos of mine:

The tops are square, but the panels don’t fit as tight as I’d like. You can shift them around and then strap or chain them so there is only a small space. They might have an option to leave off the pin system and just have the chains.

I saw these but they are made of PVC and I would think they would be prone to damage/breakage. I’d be curious if anyone has tried them though…

The ones I had, and really liked (Corrals 2 Go), are no longer being made, but these other ones look pretty good as far as I can tell:

I think OP is talking about the kind you strap to the side of the trailer and use while camping.

If you strapped these bad boys to the side of a trailer and travelled with them, I’m impressed!!

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I have Hi Hog portable folding horse panels. They’re approximately 65lbs each, 6’ 9" folded, 13’ 6"" open, and have integral, shepherd’s hook pins.

I only take one horse to rides so the five panels are in the second stall in my trailer and secured with a ratchet strap.


I used a hi tie for years with my one mare, but she is sane. When my younger mare started competing, I knew that wasn’t an option anymore, so I got these: and store them on my bed in the gooseneck of the dressing room. She’s very reactive and high strung, but they’ve been fine for her. I usually tie two ends to the back of the trailer so they’re secured to the trailer, but even without that they’ve been fine (I just worry she’d push them over more easily.
Here are some pictures of her first endurance ride back in 2019 with the corral.
I admit that it’s a bit of a pain to set up and take down (especially if wet, which they usually are…), but they have marks to help make it easier to work with and it’s not that big a deal (it’s always worse breaking down to come home, but I think that the case with whatever containment system you use…you just want to get home.