Recs for fun/laid-back Florida barn (Central / Gulf Coast) for lower-level older ammie?

I need to head south for the winter and have family in Pinellas Park. Looking to be anywhere within two hours of PP (job is portable). Ocala is the obvious eventer mecca, but that means it’s extra tough to find seasonal housing near it, d’oh.

Unicorn wishes, more-or-less in order of importance:

  • Safe environment for my horse, with turnout access and reasonable-cost full board. No need for anything super fancy, I’m just a mostly untalented (if enthusiastic), low-level normie. I realize it may be extra tough to find space in barns as a snowbird, sigh.
  • Friendly, welcoming, low-drama barn family for a rider Of A Certain Age (early 50s). Would love to find barn buddies to enjoy horse adventures.
  • Trails within hacking distance (or, failing that, a short haul) would be wonderful.
  • Supportive, low-key instruction/training access for someone who enjoys learning but gets stressed by competing. Eventing preferred, H/J fine… Though I’m even open to beginning a new horse sport, including happily crossing the barn aisle to western disciplines if the barn feels right. (Hey, a good excuse to pick up more tack, right? :wink: )
  • That said, XC course access would still be a big plus. It’s the reason I love eventing. (So say we all.)

Any suggestions? TIA!

I have a winter (humble) residence in Reddick FL , 5 acres plenty of access to xc/Trainers/Trails . PM me

I have 2 horses and event . I am Older AA

Thanks for replying, @Tamzin1! Will PM you shortly.

Sent you a PM