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Red Rock Hounds

Has Red Rock Hounds disbanded? The link to their old site is dead and it looks like their calendar hasn’t been updated in a couple of years. I’m not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so I can’t check to see if they’re active on social still.

Lynn and Red Rock Hounds are still active, according to a friend’s holiday newsletter. Friend’s home hunt, Los Altos, has died completely.

Sorry to correct the comment above but the Red Rock Hunt is closed.
Lots of ridiculous behavior, a suspect hay barn fire, and a real estate deal that would have kept the hunt in operation that collapsed when the State of NV came forward with a $400K lean on the property against Lynn and her former business partner.
Very sad as the business and hunt, care and quality of the horses and hounds had thrived in recent years under the recent hunt master.

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Appreciate the update. This almost feels like a silly question… do you know if there are plans to start up again or somewhere else? I imagine the logistics, money, space, and commitment to creating such an operation doesn’t come together easily.

I believe an effort may be made for the creation of a hunt open to the public (vs a private farmer’s pack) in the future. There are so many steps to take to get to there - access to land, liability, pack care and management, staff, coordination with the MFH Assoc of America - are a small list.
The MFH website lists all of the registered hunts. They have a page listing of hunts across the US & Canada. https://mfha.com/

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Portion of an update on a GFM for LL’s legal aid:

“After considering all that needs to be accomplished to get re-established at Ross Creek, the decision has been made to not hunt for the 2022/23 season. Be assured, Red Rock Hounds is not going away; it is just going on a hiatus.”

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Fire; https://www.youtube.com/@joysmith8890/videos

That’s unfortunate. I hunted with Red Rock years back and we had good sport.

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Interesting that this came up. I hunted the other day with one of Red Rock’s former whips.

Too bad! They always sounded like so much fun. I wanted to hunt there “someday”.

Well I talked to a lady on Jan 25 who said she hunted with them and that they are still going. I do hope that’s true!!!

Resurrecting as I am headed to Reno in Jan. I didn’t find any contact so reached put to Sierra Nevada who are hunting in the area. Any updated RRH info?

RRH is not hunting for now. No update from LL for the upcoming season, but I don’t think it will happen. You could call her at 775-969-3243 or possibly message her new FB page “Lynn Lloyds Red Rock Hounds”. I just don’t foresee it happened but who knows. :woman_shrugging:

I’ve attached the contact for the new Sierra Nevada band - many previous RRH members, staff, and masters are there. Raina and co are doing a great job. I’ve also attached their schedule that they announced on FB.

(775) 502-0970