Red Rock Rumble 30/50

Has anyone ridden the Red Rock Rumble 30/50? What was your experience?

I found a bit of information here:


I rode the 30 miler 6 years ago and enjoyed it. Distance was right, there was a big steady climb and lots of flat single track and roads. If you look carefully there are jumps for the nearby Red Rock hound hunt. It’s going to fill up quickly.

Thanks! Do you remember if there’s water at the site?

Echo Valley Ranch Feed provides water troughs throughout the ride, both along the trail and at vet checks. The final trough often has cold beer cans floating to refresh riders. It’s a good idea to bring water for use the night before and when you are back in camp at the end, although it seems to me they had water there too. 6 years ago we drove in the morning of the ride, and the ride manager and vet were fine with that.


Beautiful desert ride…

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