Reddit is asked…”Fellow dudes, what is your experience with horse girls?”


You’re welcome. :grinning:

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They are Incel before they get their first girlfriend, and MRA after they get divorced and resent splitting the assets or paying child support. Different life stages of the same basic type.


I love how there’s a r/AskMen, like the dudes in that forum aren’t telling women what they think 24/7 IRL.

The bicycle analogy is funny, because there are some serious triathletes I’m sure who spend just as much on their hobby as some casual horse owners.

Horses are a tremendous investment for a couple–like having children or living in a major metropolitan area or home ownership–but there are also men who are threatened by any kind of hobby that results in a woman bracketing their needs.

Before the Runner’s World forums closed down in the Internet Olden Days, I remember very serious women runners who got flack from their partners because the women got up early and ran or ran after work meaning gasp the men had to do more childcare and housecleaning during tiny bits of time, or the women didn’t want to eat junky snacks or eat and drink out with hubby and went to bed early so they could stay in training for marathons. And running is one of the cheapest sports there is, and easiest to slot into stolen moments.


Makes me think of this! Jonathan Richman “Since She Started to Ride”


Many men think they own all of a woman’s resources once they start sleeping with them. They are wrong but somehow their numbers do not diminish over time.


Probably because some women allow it. I know far too many girls from high school who have dropped all their hobbies and favorite activities because their then-boyfriends/now-husbands don’t approve. These are fairly innocuous things too, like going out to dinner with a group of girlfriends.


Maybe this is why I can’t get a man (and wonder setimes do I really want one) :joy: and I don’t even own a horse! I just lease. I’m too independent minded. Funny how some guys seem to like independent girls but soon as he starts dating her he expects her to change? (Not all men, I’m not man-bashing here. But the mra type that we’re discussing seems to think like this). I’ve dumped guys who complained I spend too much time at the barn, horses are all I do etc and expect me to give up my hobby. Yet they’re still allowed to have theirs? Nope. Dobbin was here before you buddy and he’ll be here after. I manage my money and my time to fit horses in.


From Gypsy Equestrian


She would have driven me crazy too! Thanks for a good laugh!

They are dumb.
Horse girls are great in bed.


Omg what I really disliked in this thread was the several voiced opinions that all horse girls have issues with communication and find escape from it with horses, i.e we like to be with horses because we can’t deal with the “complexity of human behavior”… Seriously?!


My husband rides a Harley and belongs to a Harley owners club and will often take off on day long Harley rides with his other Harley friends.

Then he has the audacity to complain that I spend too much time at the barn! 'Scuse the heck out of me if I want to do something that brings me as much joy as you riding your motorcycle all over creation.


I PREFER to be with horses over most people, however, that hasn’t stunted my ability to effectively communicate :rofl:


I hear ya, sister!

My husband took probably a dozen trips into various jungles and rainforests of the world to collect insects. He’d be gone for a week or more at a time with next to no communication. Any consternation over me being gone for several days to a horse show a mere 100 miles away gets shut down right away.

It’s almost a male sense of Entitlement to Roam.


I watch my young cousins with amusement. They plan a trip away, travelling to somewhere interesting, deciding on hotels and which things to do and their boy friends stand on one side, watching, and then say “Can we go, too?” The world has changed.