Reddit is asked…”Fellow dudes, what is your experience with horse girls?”

While I feel personally attacked in many instances, I laughed until I cried at this comment. I had to Google penny farthing bicycle and when I did I lost it :rofl:


Jerry Seinfeld said “Let her get the horse, let her get all the horses she wants, until she realizes they aren’t the answer” or something very similar. I think about that a lot lol


Richard Hammond’s horse rant is my favorite on this topic haha


Oh, but they ARE the answer!


That’s pretty good hahahaha

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Absolutely love this clip :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

Sounds like alot of insecure dudes.

Also, who said they have to pay for anything? Ever heard of working hard and earning your own money?


Sure does! That was an interesting observation for me too. I think the assumption is that dad must pay for everything so when another “dude” is in the picture, that will transfer to them. Independent women may be scarier to a lot of these guys than “horse girls”.

One of the comments made was about a woman who made 100K+ but chose to live in a two bedroom apartment in a less nice part of town so she could board her horses at “the fancy barn”. I didn’t see much wrong with that LOL. I made close to that and was renting a drafty, non air conditioned, 150 year old farm house on my barns property when I met my partner :rofl:

I wonder how aware of their own spending these dudes are. I dated a guy that was totally put off by the horse lifestyle, yet he would spend just as much money and time on going out and bar tabs for his friends/family as well as bottles of hard alcohol. It’s also super easy to spend that kind of money if you eat out a restaurants regularly. I’d rather spend my money on something that is fulfilling and keeps me active, learning, and outdoors vs spending it being a high functioning alcoholic in this example.


The r/AskMen subreddit is known to be infested with incel and mra types so these kind of responses are par for the course


I agree. Also, if it wasn’t time spent on horses, or something else, then the guys think the little woman will spend her time at home waiting on him, pampering him or whatever he wants? THe guys writing in objecting to the horse time and money, think that something else won’t replace horses? How many of the ones objecting to the horses spend time doing video games, golf, or out drinking?

Every woman I know who gave up pets the partner didn’t like, or stopped outside interests, was sorry they did that.



If I chose to super glue my shoes so my horse can have good senior feed, that’s my business.


As someone who both races cars AND rides horses, I beg to disagree with Richard (whom I adore)…

I went out to get in my racecar for day 2 of racing, and the damn thing had crapped itself and died overnight. Had to get 3 bump starts in order to get back out on track. So no, cars are not necessarily better than horses!


Yeah, I told a guy that my stepmom was giving me grief about how much money I spend on my horse and he said, “What?! You spend less than a lot of people spend on beer!”

So now I call my horse fund my beer money.


It’s sad that is somehow more “acceptable”!!


“and she’s cleaning that up right now, with her garden fork” :joy:

The video was quoted more than once when my husband and I were discussing a larger, new to us, truck for the trailer. haha


I was going to say this!

Also, I just want to say that none of my horses has ever cheated on me, complained that I spent too much on (x), or dumped me for another woman. :grinning: :heart:


Incel I know, but mra?

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Men’s Rights Advocates.


Ahhh thanks