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Refund for Freestyle ticket holders?

When I got the email about the cancellation it said that another would be sent just to ticket holders, I assumed to tell us how we would be refunded for the ticket price, but I have not received that email. Has anyone else heard anything? You can’t cancel an event and expect to keep peoples ticket money, they should have insurance for this sort of thing, I think it is unfortunate that they have not addressed this with ticket holders yet.

I’m hoping for a refund as well. I’m wondering if it said somewhere in the fine print that they have the right to cancel without refund.

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Actually, I just read the fine print on the ticket. The first line says, “Events will occur rain or shine.” Then it says by confirming your purchase, you understand that tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. So, since the first line is now invalid by their cancelling the event, I wonder if it makes us eligible for a refund.

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Thanks for looking that up windygirl. The non-refundable statement I would think refers to that you can’t return tickets you have already purchased. The event being cancelled is a completely different scenario. If it were a concert or football game or something tickets would have to be refunded. That should be the case here, and hopefully will be addressed since it is already a day after the event was supposed to take place.

I haven’t gotten the promised email to ticket holders either. I had the all session pass for Sunday and am hoping to get at least a partial refund for the cancellation of the freestyle.

We went and asked ticketing if they would refund and she stated that an email will be sent out soon for ticket holders to apply it to other tickets, use it for merchandise, or refund it.

Well I am still waiting for a refund for Sept 11 when they decided to make it free and said they would refund those who already purchased tickets for that day. I’ll give it a little more time before I go through my credit card company instead.

Hmmm. I would think that the arrival of a hurricane would fit in to the “act of God” category. I’m not expecting a refund, just like I wouldn’t expect one if I entered a show that was cancelled due to bad weather.

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If the super bowl was cancelled for any reason I am sure there would be refunds… No reason not to…

This is good news. I had an all weekend pass and was hoping for some communication from them.

The issue is with most events that the money has long since been spent. That is the reason that most tickets have buried in their fine print that there are no refunds for “acts of god (ie weather)”, “war”, “terrorism”, etc… Actually holding the portion of any major event that spectators attend is often the least expensive part of the endeavor.

I did not purchase a WEG ticket so I don’t have the fine print to read through. Windygirl gave a section of what the fine print said, but if they did not outline how they would compensate, I think what GucciJumper said the ticket office told her is probably what they will count as compensation. If the ticketholder chooses to not utilize the compensation, I’d expect that WEG organizers will say they’ve done their part.

I would assume there is an insurance policy available to the OC against losses from this kind of cancellation. There is insurance for literally almost everything these days. I’d also expect that it would be a very expensive policy. That doesn’t mean that the OC took out an insurance policy.


Thank you GucciJumper that is good info!

I just read the back of my NASCAR ticket. They, to the best of my recollection have never cancelled a race but races are often postponed for weather.

My ticket will be honored on the day the race is held (original or postponed). No refunds. If I had tickets to return home before the race was held, too bad so sad for me.

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I wouldn’t wait for a refund, try checking with your credit card company now. I suspect they will not offer refunds based on the “act of God” excuse and while insurance is certainly available I would not count on it having been purchased. Its just cheaper to let the ticketholders get stuck.

Usually the profit from the ticket sales is a line item built into the initial budget for holding the event. This is at least how the event runs that I currently sit on the board for. While I sympathize with everyone who is out the money and didnt get to watch what they had planned on, I wouldnt expect a full refund if any as the money was most likely already put into the construction of the facility and event and those things cant be returned just because of the weather. However, maybe this email everyone was promised is coming from organizers trying to look at the finances at the end of the competition as a whole to determine if they have an excess funds to be able to refund people something.

Got an email back saying refund is on the way in 7 to 10 business days


Me too, refund choice of ticket for another day, WEG merchandise or cash.

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I got the email too. I appreciate the easy options for how I want to use the refund. I’m glad they got it figured out because other than the disappointment of the cancelled Freestyle I had a great time at WEG.

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I got the email, but the choice links wouldn’t work, then I got a robo-mail saying I have a merchandise credit, which I DO NOT want. I’ve been trying all day to get it straightened out, and just get robo-mails asking me to chage my log in! Very frustrating!

I had a Week One all events pass and have not heard anything about any refund. I don’t expect a refund as I suspect it would be difficult to separate out one event. However, if offered a merchandise credit, I’m all over it as I bought several WEG mugs and carefully packed them in my checked suitcase. Unfortunately, TSA decided to take a romp through my suitcase, and when I unpacked at home, the mugs were broken. As they were thank you gifts for friends and clients, I now have to reorder them so a merchandise credit would come in handy, lol. A first world problem, I know. Just bummed that I missed the coupon expiration date for free shipping…grrrr.