Can anyone give me insight on breed registration/papers.

Long story short, I bought a young Hanoverian a few years ago that has substantial Hanoverian bloodlines. The breeder has been around a while and used to do the whole inspection, but decided not to register her horses anymore, so I don’t have any papers on him, but know his Dam and sire. I’m like 99% sure the stallion was an approve Hanoverian stud when she bred the horse (she owns mare and stallion personally). Is it possible to register him with the Hanoverian society as an adult horse? What is the process? The website is not the easiest to follow and I’m not really 100% sure how the whole paper thing goes to begin with. I’ve never purchased horses with papers, mostly because they’ve been thoroughbreds. Any insight on this would be appreciated!

Do you know if the horse is microchipped? Worth looking just in case the horse was potentially registered and microchipped before the breeder stopped registering.

Assuming that the horse is US bred, I’d contact the AHS and let them know your dilemma. AHS does run DNA tests on horses and it may help if you know the sire and dam and can compare the DNA of the offspring. It’s not a guarantee but contacting AHS directly and asking about possible DNA testing is your best chance for any type of paper.

If it’s a ‘he’ what’s the point of registration? The H/J world won’t care. Many of those people lose papers or don’t do transfers with a sale, they change the name like a kid trading candy on a school bus. Is the horse registered with USEF?

I microchipped him myself for USEF registration. Had the vet check for a microchip before hand just in case. I just got an email back from them so working on seeing what I can do. Thanks!

Yes, he’s registered with USEF and microchipped, but I did it myself. Seems like in my area, even in the HJ world, people seem to care about papers these days. I might decide to sell later so that’s the only reason I’m looking into this. Plus he’s showing strong skills to be an upper level dressage horse which in that case, also seems to like papers.

Honestly I don’t really care either way, I obviously bought the horse without them lol, but he’s a nice horse and having papers would be nice as in incase.

Registration papers in a gelding would prove parentage but more importantly prove age.

In order to register your gelding in the AHS his dam would have had to be inspected and placed in one of the mare books. And his sire would have to be put through some sort of stallion testing and approved for breeding. Just having both parents registered would not be enough to register him. If one of the parents met this criteria and the other one did not you could get a Certificate of Pedigree which in my eyes would be fine for a gelding.

Two of my friends bought mare bred by a breeder in the Southeast that no longer registers the foals with AHS although in the early years he was the president of the AHS.

Crap - posted before I was ready.

Anyway they didn’t understand this and thought that they would be able to be inspected and put in a mare book. But because the sire was never sent through a stallion test he is not approved and the foals are ineligible. Nice mares though.

I don’t know if some of the other registries would register him. Some are not as stringent on parentage as AHS. Or if one parent is approved then you might be able to get a Certificate of Pedigree.

What other registries would be good to look at? He has straight Hanoverian lines up both sides at least 3-4 lines. I know there are some warmblood sporthorse registrations, but probably not really worth registering when they have loose guidelines.

I have seen ISR horses and now Westphalian horses that are supposedly “registered” but I know the sires have never been tested. Some with QH sires. You could start by inquiring with them.

You could potentially get the horse inspected by a registry and some type of approval but you will be limited without proof of pedigree. This would also really be more advantageous if it were a mare you were considering breeding. Not sure how much merit an inspection would hold with a gelding. Your best bet in proving lineage is the contact AHS and see if a DNA test would even be feasible to prove lineage.

Oldenburg NA will register almost anything. Contact them.
However, if your horses performing well, and you can provide some sort of evidence of his lineage, it really may be sufficient. Even just photographs of the sire and dam, name of (breeder), location of Farm… That sort of thing. That may satisfy prospective buyers interest in bloodlines.

Thanks everyone!! I’m going to do a certificate of pedigree with AHS.