Registry Options

If this mare were to be bred for sport, what are the potential registry options for the foal?

She has half Arab papers and AWS (I guess it’s now AWSSR?) papers- both are basically useless in the eyes of most registries. I think she has DNA on file with AWS but not AHA, but I’d have to double check.

This is all just hypothetical. I never intended to use her for breeding and she is getting up there in age, but every now and then I come across a stallion that compliments her and I kick the idea around. But the lack of registration options usually stops me.

Replying to myself to say, I know this is dependent on the stallion’s own licensing and approvals. But I guess what I’m asking is there any book she could be approved in to get more than a COP on the resulting foal?

My understanding is I’d be limited to Arabian stallions for another registered half Arab (not interested) or I guess I could probably stick with AWSSR… I was today years old when I learned AWS was even still in existence in any form. I thought they folded.

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Bump. Any ideas?

ISR? AWR? Anything?

If you breed her to an ATA approved Trakehner stallion, the foal could be entered into the ATA’s Part Bred book based on the sire’s heritage. If she has DNA on file than her pedigree would be listed as well on the papers. Part Bred Trakehner foals are eligible for all ATA Horse of the Year awards, can be declared ATA horses for USDF All Breeds, etc.

Just an idea :slight_smile:

@Dance_To_Oblivion Thank you! That is helpful to know. I will keep that in mind.

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