Rein Dots

Has anyone used these?

I am loathe to punch holes in my expensive reins, but I am sometimes struggling with my reins getting too long on course.

I know, I know… shortcuts won’t fix everything, but I thought that perhaps these might help with my “muscle memory” on course when the “other things” make me forget my reins.


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I think I’d buy a cheap used pair of reins to try them on.


Thanks! I hadn’t thought of that, but it sounds like a good idea!

You could always buy a cheap pair of reins to test drive it on for a few weeks before you punch holes in your nice ones. You could probably even just tie knots in the cheap reins and see if that helps and save yourself $30 unless it really does help and then you can have the nicer looking ones.

I’d definitely try it for a few weeks though - while they’re new/novel I expect they’d probably work. But I’m just imagining myself beginning to ignore them after awhile just like I don’t notice the braids/stops on the reins when I’m riding.


Tying a knot isn’t going to work. I am usually a good rider. Just not when I lose my mind mid course! I love the idea of cheap reins… and I do think I need to figure something out. Because when my mind switches off, it ain’t pretty!

They would be really adjustable with braided reins. I imagine you could skip the hole and just push it through the braid.


I was thinking that! If that works then the temporary solution makes more sense!!

Totally agree. If you try them let us know how you like them!

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I just don’t want to die! LOL. So, will do!


You might also try the Correct Connect reins with the hand stops.


Will look at these too!

Honestly, I think I’d try a stretchy pair of rein stops first or even a rubber martingale stoppers. See if that manages to get you to have something to grip.
These seem kinda tiny and like they might give you a general location, but don’t seem to have much grip/stopping ability.
You could also try a cheap pair of cuff links. Seems like a similar idea.


What ever happened to elastics? We used to place the bright blue, wide elastic bands that are often found on vegetables as markers for the kids.


May have some of these lying around - thanks! And temporary… and cheap. Thank you!

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This may be a new version but its an ancient way to keep track of reins
$30 is atrocious. Elastic/rubber bands are cheap or free. Almost invisible too and they can be moved as conditions changed and removed completely as rider advances. Don’t like advertising you don’t know where to hold the reins outside of novice lessons on dead broke schoolies.

Not sure there is any “perfect” rein length anyway. Hate to punch holes and put a screw in reins to mark what may be the spot today but too long/short tomorrow with a different rider or same rider on different horse.


I guess no one at American Equus proofread their ad “Simply installed by punching a 1/8” whole …"


OMG so funny I am seeing this- I rode in these a couple days ago and I absolutely LOVED them. I told everyone in my barn about them I have been riding for 14 years and I personally bought them for the evenness and keeping my reins short and they did that. The thing that I did not think that they would do was help me with my connection to the horses bit. It helped me have one less thing on my mind with the aid of the dot on my rein to keep my leg on to send the horse into the bit from the hind end. Truly INGENIUS!!! 100/10 recommend.

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What an emotional first post. Glad they worked for you and fixed you in just a few days.

But many advanced riders make subtle adjustments in overall rein length and sometimes lengthen or shorten one side depending on what horse may need or respond to and may not care for that unmovable metal marker and hole. Leather can also stretch when wet and with use over time soooo…? Another hole? Imagine a judge could see them in an Eq class.



I’m having flashbacks to ShamWow infomercials.

But again, to my first post on this thread - I want to know if they still help after 6 months, or if you just fall back into your old patterns of slipping reins…


I have the webbed Voltaire jumper reins, works pretty well with the leather stoppers every so often

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