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Reining final results for US

Canadian Duane Latimer gets gold with Hang Ten Surprize.
US is in the next four places.
2) Tim McQuay with Mr. Nicadual
3) Aaron Ralston with Smart Paul Olena
4) Matt Mills with Easy Otie Whiz
5) Dell Hendricks on Starbucks Sidekick


6th was a Canadian riding a PAINT, Snow Gun, with Francois Gautier.

It was really close for the gold–top two had identical scores of 230, so there was a tiebreaking run off, and the Canadian won.


Did the top 4 switch?

does anyone know, is snow gun by gunner?

i used to work with gunner, in a previous life… nicest stallion ever…

Snow Gun is by Gunner. I love Gunner!