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Reining trainers in Jacksonville?

I recently moved to Jacksonville, FL and am looking to start reining. I previously did hunter/jumper but thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit. Does anyone know of any reining trainers near Jacksonville? Google search didn’t really bring up anything. Thank you!

Did you check the reiner’s list in the NRHA web site?

How about the Florida Reining Association:


Find some AQHA or NRHA reining show and go watch and ask there.

Check out reiningtrainers.com too I reckon they would have trainers listed

Luiz Claudio Barros under the trainer directory appears to be the closest to you, at about 1.5 hours away. He does seem to cater to all levels of riders and have lesson horses available. Some research may give you more in the way of options, but that’s who appears to be the most immediate option.

You could try emailing the FRHA or contacting them on FB if you have one. They may have the contact info for someone nearer by to you.

Mark and Shannon Rafacz are about an hour and a half south of Jacksonville.

Did OP ever find anybody since she first asked the question last spring

Strange! I thought this was current since this topic was at the top of the Western page. Think the post between mine and Bluey’s disappeared.

Anyway, I wonder, too. :lol:

Nope! Not yet, but I have to take some classes over the summer to catch up on school so I won’t be able to in the near future. Maybe someday!