Reins for Dexterity Issues

Hi all, I have a bit of an “odd” request, it’s not for myself but for a friend of mine, and not for horses but for dogs.

She is paralyzed from the waist down with only some use in her hands, making holding on to leashes/ walking her dog difficult. I’m trying to brainstorm with her how we could jerry-rig reins made for riders with dexterity issues to attach to her dog’s harness.

I had the idea that I know there must be reins for riders with dexterity issues, however I don’t know where to find them.

She has trouble holding the leash, any thoughts?

Perhaps a cable handle (Amazon has many choices) and carabiner clip would be helpful? Handles come in a variety of sizes and textures and are low cost. My go to would be a foam coated handle.

Would a bike attachment be of use? You mention your friend is paralyzed from waist down so I am guessing she uses a wheel chair or scooter? A bike attachment might be a great option if that is the case

I have this one and I like it for my bike

A runner’s leash might be worth looking at too. I think they clip to belt or around waist.

Correct Connect Reins maybe? They are a rein and glove system using velcro.

You could probably attach Reinbow loops or rein stops to a dog leash to create hand holds.

Depending on the dog’s leash walking skills, a leash with a Velcro wrist strap might work.