Relocating to Denver: ISO eventing trainer & barn

Hello All,

I am ISO an event trainer around the Denver area who enjoys working with OTTBs. I have a 5 y/o gelding who was in rough shape when we found each other in August, it has been some work getting him to the great shape he is in now. Currently he is in full training and flourishing. I’d like to find a barn known for excellent care and a trainer that works with a smaller group of clients.

Currently I am emailing with Angelika Beutel who has been very friendly. Does anyone have experience with her/recommendations?

Thank you in advance!

You’re looking north of town, then? Where are you going to be living? Very little horse stuff in Denver proper.

You might want to chat with Lindy Weatherford if you’re headed north. She’s been around forever and is in the Fort Collins ish area. If that’s too far for you, she might have some good ideas of people to talk to :slight_smile:

It depends where you are going to be. South of Denver is Laura Backus in Larkspur. She is great! You might want to give her a call. If she isn’t the right fit or in the right area for you. I am sure she can point you in the right direction.

I second the recommendation to call Laura Backus if that works for you geographically

also Martha Deeds at Middle Ground Farm if you are looking more south of Denver. She’s in Larkspur.

Laura Backus at Pendragon farms.

There are several good options south of Denver:

Mile High Horse Ranch in Parker
Platinum Farms in Franktown
Pendragon Stud in Larkspur
Middle Ground Farm in Larkspur
Inside Track Training in Co. Springs

But just considering how small the eventing world is here, I wouldn’t say any of these trainers have a small group of clients. All have numerous people at numerous levels actively competing at most recognized and unrecognized events around the area.

North, not so much, both in terms of places to board and trainers.

Also, I would recommend connecting with John Staples when he comes to Colorado, usually once a month. I don’t know which specific barns he’s going to now, because I left CO four years ago.

I work with Carol Jones at Windy Ridge in Kiowa. She has a small group (about 4-5) people who event. She works really well with OTTB’s - has her own “crazy” one, and has helped me tremendously with mine and a good friend with hers.

I’ve heard good things about Nicole Ackerman at Inside Track Training. If I didn’t work with Carol I would try her or Rochelle Costanza at Platinum Farm. I love how Rochelle’s horses and students horses go when I see them at the events.

I’m moving to Denver in April and will be there late December to visit barns and hope to visit some of the barns listed here (thanks!). I just wanted to ressurect this thread in the event any other trainers / farms come to mind. I’m looking for a drive within 45 mins from Denver, full care, turnout and nutrition are top priorities, going novice and 3rd level would be my version of the Olympics, budget target of $700/month. Feel free to pm me!

45 minute drive from what part of Denver?

My house is NW corner of City Park so I’ve been focused on Parker, Golden, and Longmont areas. South of Denver seems more eventing focused from the threads I’ve seen. Thanks so much!