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Relocating to Minnesota

Looking for a show barn in the Minneapolis area, any suggestions? Willing to drive for the right barn

Hunter? Jumper? Eq? Do you own? Plan to lease or part lease? Need school horses? Rough budget range if there are limits? Preferred driving distance in which direction of downtown or where you work or reside?

These things affect who to recommend and will save you time in your search.

Renee Lenkart - Wild Oak Farm
Kim & Andy Barone - Raven Ridge Farm
Heidi Hildebrand - Roundabout Farm

These are three of the top trainers that do a lot of showing all over. There are other quality folks who stay more local, so more info (as findeight suggested) would help.

Hunters and eq. I own two horses, money isn’t an issue just want the horses to have the best possible care. Uptown area, but will drive for a nice barn

I ride with Heidi Hildebrand and adore her. The care is great, the horses are happy, and her training (and staff) couldn’t be better! She’s in Maple Plain, which is about a 35 min drive from Minneapolis.

PMing you.

Ask the trainers which shows they go to and figure out what works for your schedule. Some of the ones already mentioned are gone a lot to far shows, or gone 1/3 of the year to Florida. From Uptown, you’re 45 to 50 minutes away from the farms mentioned. East side options to look at are Arbor Hill and Stonegate.

commenting on this thread since I am either being relocated to Chicago or Minneapolis. I’m wondering what the H/J show barn scene is for the Minneapolis area these days? Thanks y’all!