Removing stains on tack

Here in Indiana it is 1 million degrees and 98 percent humidity. I have been enjoying my riding tights. However, they, ahem, have not been as absorbent of sweat and despite cleaning my saddle after each ride there is a stain.

Any methods of removing the stain?

Processed leather has a relatively low pH, since sweat and body oils have a relatively neutral pH, it actually damages the leather. It’s not a stain, it’s damage.

You can attempt to remove the oils with corn starch, rub it in, and let it sit overnight. You can also try a couple drops of Dawn dish soap or no more tears type baby shampoo in lukewarm water to clean it, but I doubt the mark will resolve. Sorry I couldn’t deliver better news.

I actually had good luck removing a LARGE sweat stain on the seat of my saddle. Another high humidity 100 degree situation. May depend on the leather, but I took some Murphy’s oil soap and rubbed the crap out of the seat of the saddle. Did it twice, sweating, and it has almost completely gone away. Probably more the elbow grease than the soap, but who knows, the thing ain’t there anymore.

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