Removing Tar from Horse’s Coat

This Is really just a tip for anyone else who runs into a similar situation…

My horse ended up with tar on his feathers. What finally worked in removing it was Goo-Gone.

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Baby oil will also work and maybe a bit more gentle. :slightly_smiling_face:

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“Goo-gone” works great

A good tip…but enquiring minds want to know? What happened! :slight_smile:

There’s an unfortunately placed pole in my gelding’s paddock that just seeps tar on a hot day. It almost looks like a utility pole. It drives me crazy.

Sorry to hear about your horse being tarred and feathered. :smiley:

I could not resist - I apologize.

One of my guys scratches his rear on pine trees, and accumulates pine tar. I have been using Adapt Medical Adhesive Remover.


Just use a cattle panel around the pole / area so he can’t step in the tar?

As someone who went to the beaches in So. Cal. when there were still oil wells on the beach, tar was all over the place. Baby or mineral oil was the best way to remove it.

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