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Reolink security camera

Does anyone have any experience with the Reolink cellular security camera in their barn? No internet service available.

my company sold such video camera systems that were cell based for remote monitoring of oil wells or hunting ranch access gates

Some systems were frame shots rather than continuous video as the owners were wanting identification of who was attempting access.

The systems often were solar powered since the remote point did not have electrical power available.

Fifteen years ago these were $5k to $10k systems that required reoccurring monthly data plans that started at $50 or so per month per camera

Here at our place today we have used WiFi boosters to push the single well over 600 feet, we have cameras in all the pastures, barns, stalls… these are $30 cameras that provide better video than the $20,000 systems we used in the 1980s. The remote cameras we have now even have their own solar setup.

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Technology has come a long way! I do need cellular service.

this was the system we used, Cell Gate they have been offering the service for about two decades

the Watchman series would provide you what you desire

here is the test procedures to verify single strength at the location

AA1WPE VZN_Signal Test Instructions.pdf (249.1 KB)


I have three Reolink cameras at the barn. Two inside and one out in the field. They work great and I don’t have any issues with them.

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We have a wifi bridge from the house to the barn and my husband set up this entire thing so that we could save about a week’s worth of video through all the reolink cameras we have. In each horse stall, a chicken stall, the aisle, and the driveway in front of the barn. Really love the quality.

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