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Repairing leather halter

My horse has broken two leather halters in the past couple of months and I’m looking for advice on repairing them! He broke the chin strap on both of them and I have the loop for the lead rope, but seem to have lost the connector piece between the loop and connector strap. I ordered a replacement chin strap, but any ideas on how to find the triangular bit that connects to the loop? Any safe hardware store potential dupes? Attached I circled the piece I’m talking about, hope this makes sense.

go to Weaver Leather Supply, they sell the hardware… I just am too lazy to dig through their listing to find your piece

Baling twine. Now you have a breakaway halter!


Baling twine

maybe the natural fiber twine but the synthetic fiber twine is nearly indestructible, that stuff is going be here long after mankind’s disappearance


Zip ties are my go to for halter repairs.

Yeah, I know about the plastic footprint so try to make it up elsewhere in life.

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Thanks everyone for suggestions!

Wouldn’t you have to resew the connector strap in to the triangle ?

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Wouldn’t you have to resew the connector strap in to the triangle ?

could use leather punch then install Chicago screws

Leather always breaks where Chicago screws/rivets are fitted.

then buy a new halter?

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I use a leather punch then install a zip tie. I have one halter that was repaired that way 4 years ago.

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