Replacing Platinum Performance - other options?

Hi all! I’m playing with supplements again.

It seems the general consensus is that PP is a good supplement, but maybe not worth the money. I’m thinking about replacing it.

How does california trace, electrolytes, garlic flakes, and actiflex sound? I feel like that covers most of my bases? I’ll only feed garlic and electrolytes during the summer probably. Are there other better options I should consider? I’m looking for general health support - coat/hooves/skin, gut, joints, etc.

Are there any other supps cheaper than platinum I should look at? Horse is on 24/7 mediocre pasture, mid-grade bermuda 2x daily outside of summer, and 2x daily strategy + alfalfa pellets.

I’d be curious too – personally, I was under the impression there wasn’t a comparable single product out there. I was just looking at PP last week, thinking about starting my horse on it again, and was really surprised at how their price had doubled since the last time I ordered.

I had great results on it while my gelding was on it. He was on it specifically during healing/rehab phase of a collateral ligament rupture.

I’d think you’d need to buy four or five different supplements separately to get the all inclusive results of a single packet of theirs.

My thoughts too, and my research seems to agree - I’m just hoping to not feed 4 supps lol!

California trace covers copper/zinc which my horse really needs, as well as a few other really good minerals and stuff. Garlic I’m hoping will help both his gut and with flies. Electrolytes for obvious reasons living in the South, and I’ve heard great things about actiflex for joints.

And all this together is still cheaper than PP! My horse is doing good on it, but he needs the extra copper/zinc regardless from CT and most benefits I associate with PP i should get with these others too plus extras.

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The closest all-in-one product I’ve seen is Grand Meadows Grand Premium Plus. I think your combination sounds good!

I tried garlic for three few months, hoping to keep the ticks and flies at bay. I can’t say that I saw any difference, unfortunately.

For my pastured horse I feed Uckele Sporthorse grass.

I switched from PP to CA Trace years ago when my horse tested positive for a flax allergy. Several horses later, I’ve kept them all on CA Trace. Never saw a reason to switch back!

One if the Smartpak supplements might be similar. At one point I thought I might need to put my horse on the Platinum Performance CJ and found that one of the Smartpak ones (SmartCombo?)was pretty similar for $30 cheaper.

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There’s a combo similar I think but it’s the same as or more expensive as regular platinum performance, which is much cheaper than cj and what I use. Multiple paks add up fast!

I switched to Micro-Phase at the advice of my vet. He liked the balance better for a horse with no pasture and little grain. YMMV. Of course I just found out that he tested low for vitamin E in spite of the supplement having natural E in it. So now we are trying the water-soluble E (ironically by the same company!)

I’ve never understood the hype around PP. If you do the math to see the actual amounts of the nutrients provided, most if them are tiny, and you’re not paying for tiny!

1/2-ish to 1-ish grams of amino acids.
Not even 1gm of glucosamine (you really need 10gm for real use).
Less than 1gm ca, phos, magnesium - why bother?
14mg copper - yawn.

CaT is WAY more effective with the things most likely low in a diet.

Electrolytes - entirely depends on the situation. They’re often over/mis-used but can be useful.

How much Strategy? That will largely determine what additional supplementation you need.


Is that basic PP, or PP CJ?

I saw a marked difference in my horse with the CJ so even if the math isn’t great, I can understand why people want to use it. My horse was actively healing from a big injury and the CJ significantly helped - I noticed a difference when he missed his plat-pak.

If that’s directed at me, that analysis was for the basic Wellness formula.

The CJ formula has appreciable amounts of the chondroprotective ingredients, and multiple good ingredients, so no problem there.

The rest of the formula is the same as the Wellness, so you’re basically paying for the joint support

Gotcha. For some reason I assumed the thread was about CJ, not Wellness. :laughing:

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And I just assumed the Wellness :laughing:


It’s on me lol!! Rereading I think the OP was just talking about Wellness. That’s what I get for trying to read threads before work and coffee. :laughing:


With a previous horse, I had great results with UltraCruz Equine Supplement (I used their joint support version).:
UltraCruz Equine Advanced Joint Supplement

If you don’t need joint care, you can go with the version that doesn’t have those ingredients.

I was giving less than recommended feed plus PP. I switched to tc ration balancer, flax, electrolytes. My horse looks great, I get compliments all the time. I also use equithrive for joints, but just as a preventative.

I use TC ration balancer, and add flax, Horsetech poly copper and poly zinc, Nat vit e, 4 aminos from my best horse, magnesium.
A haven’t done the math to compare to CT.

I’ve been happy with supplements I purchased from UltraCruz. I’ve wondered if they were the same but targeted to lower priced cliental.