Replacing trailer fenders. Has anyone found 76"?

I’m making a few repairs to my 1999 Featherlite for resale purposes and need new fenders. I can’t seem to find them through any of the usual trailer parts websites. I have a call in to a Featherlite dealer but I’m wondering if I’ll ever get a call back. They’re 76 inches long, and the longest I can find online are 72. Am I crazy? Surely I’m not the only one that’s ever needed new fenders for a 4 horse slant…

Call Featherlite directly themselves. They should be able to ship them directly to you, but fair warning that the shipping cost may exceed the cost of the fenders. Many times if you can get the delivery shipped to a business it is cheaper.

I had to replace a fender on a Hart trailer we had, and Hart shipped directly to us.

F’lite is difficult to deal with. There is no parts dept for ordinary people. You have to go through a dealer. Call one of the larger dealers and they should be able to help you. The fender gets drop shipped from F’lite anyway.

Yep I called the closest dealer and they explained exactly this. When the lady called back with pricing, she asked me if I was sitting down. I was like oh this is going to be good. Shipping was going to cost the same as a single fender, which by the way is about double the cost I was expecting for fenders themselves. They did offer to have them shipped in to the dealer for no cost, but it’ll be a few months before they get another truck in. I’ll do it, just need to set some money aside for the costly little bastards. Luckily I can do the install myself.

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By the way, are all trailer brands like that? Making parts that you can’t get anywhere else? More specifically 4 Star and Adam?

Random thought - are you measuring the top length or bottom length?
fenders are a purchased item with just a few companies providing them
measure is from the bottom for length x top short width - so something like 72 x 9
and sometimes they are pull out a little at the bottom

What Risa says is right. 72 & 66" fenders are common but some mfgrs use their own fenders. We had to order a fender from a mfgr once but I don’t remember what brand. A generic 72" will run around $100, the “trailer company” item will run around 145 plus shipping. Often,what looks like 76" is really a 72" that is just stretched out a bit at the bottom to fit.

Well I sure wish that was the cost. They quoted me $300+ per fender. The measurement is at the bottom. I’ll have to measure up a little further and see if there’s a difference. I wonder if I could do a 72’ and stretch it at the bottom. I have friends and coworkers that are good at fabrication.

They are something like 063 mill finish alum and you are not really stretching but it is flexible to go further in or out - Maybe worth a try for 1!