Report released on methods to detect soring

This may be of interest. The National Academies chartered a review of methods to detect soring in horses:

In the course of its study, the committee will:

  • examine what is known about the quality and consistency of available methods to identify soreness in horses
  • identify potential new and emerging methods, approaches, and technologies for detecting hoof and pastern pain and its causes
  • identify research and technology needs to improve the reliability of methods to detect soreness

In a consensus report, the committee will describe its conclusions about the validity and reliability of methods, and provide recommendations to improve the efficacy and consistency of approaches to identifying soreness. The report will also review the Horse Protection Act regulations, including the “scar rule” found at 9. C.F.R. 11.3 and identify changes that would be necessary to implement the findings of the study.

The study is now complete and they will have a report release/public briefing webinar on Wednesday. Details including registration for the webinar: