Repro vet recommendation GA

I have taken leave of my senses and decided to breed my mare this year. I am fairly new to the area and new to my current vet practice and while I will start out using them, but I was hoping someone might have some suggestions for the best vets in GA (preferably North GA, but I’m open to taking her to a clinic further afield if necessary) just in case.

I can’t provide a recommendation for your locale, but a minor quibble:

A “repo” agent is someone who repossesses (takes back) an item on which the purchaser is in default, or repositions a boat from one cruising area to another.

A theriogenologist is a board-certified veterinary specialist in reproduction, sometimes shortened to “repro”. Not repo.

Apologies, typing fast on my phone and my phone doesn’t recognize “repro” and insists it should be “repo”. I’ll edit…

Not necessarily a repro vet, by Dr. Dan Carter is by far the best vet I have ever used. High recommend him. I assume they do repro services, but I would double check.

I used to use him as my regular vet when my horse was out in that area and he is great. Now I live a couple of hours away. I know they must do some because I saw on Facebook some pictures of a foal that was born there earlier in the year but I’m not sure if it is a specialty of theirs or not.