Reputable breeder / dealer in Iowa Nebraska area

I’m horse shopping and it’s just so frustrating. I’m on a budget (5K ish) and looking for a youngish gelding that’s at least green broke for trail rides and fun shows. I’ve messaged countless people on Facebook and found that many of them are scams or don’t message back, I’ve looked at rescue horses and been to a few auctions, but I’ve not been able to find anything that is sound and sane. Maybe I’m too fussy or my budget is too low? I’ve been entertaining the idea of using a broker/ dealer but I moved here fairly recently and don’t really know of any. I don’t have a trainer to ask either. Does anyone know of a reputable dealer / sales barn or breeder in the Western Iowa or Eastern Nebraska area? I’d be willing to travel some to look at the right horse, but I’m not super comfortable buying sight unseen.

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if North Dakota is do able the breeder we have bought several Morgan horses from. They have one that was to be a brood mare who was unable to preform, The horse had been a trail horse prior to their purchase

Triple S Fancy Face

Not a tall mare but she is sturdy! We have attempted unsuccessfully for several seasons to get Fancy in foal & perpetuate her treasured, old lines. Easy to catch, enjoys attention. Offering to perfect home. $3500


All horses we have bought from this breeder have been just as was represented


Brit Vegas is the owner of Royal Fox Stables in Milford NE (just west of Lincoln). She retrains/resells lots of OTTBs if you’re open to a horse off the track. She has a good eye and is very honest.

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Thank you so much for the info! I would definitely consider an OTTB- the ones I’ve met have the funniest personalities :slight_smile: I actually applied to an off track rehoming foundation, but was turned down as an adoptee because my 20 + acre winter pasture is fenced with barbed wire. I’ve never had an issue with a horse getting hurt on the fence, but I guess I can see why they have to have standards.

Thanks for the info, she is a looker!

the breeder breeds for color, nevertheless the stock they produce has been of very high quality, my family has won several open national championships and two Morgan world championships with horses from this program

Go get that morgan!


as noted " Offering to perfect home." is just what the breeder wants otherwise they will keep her on the ranch

just wished they were closer as they also raise alfalfa hay which they sell for $7 a bale

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Well, considering that that Morgan MARE is going to be 16 years old this year, and the OP is looking for a “youngish gelding”, it might not work. However, they may have something else that might work.

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Just stopping by to say I feel your pain. I have been horse shopping on and off for several years. Good luck!

Good catch on that.

surely someone needs a nice, been there, done that, safe Morgan.

Anyone looking for a husband horse?

That Morgan mare is lovely, but this is where I might be too fussy- the last two I’ve owned were white or gray, and I told myself no more light colored horses. I swear I should have bought stock in Cowboy Magic awhile ago. They’re so pretty when clean, but impossible to keep that way.