Reputable Canadian Imports to US - Hunter/Derby Type

Hi, does anyone have some names of reputable Canadian farms that sell hunter imports to US? Anyone that has personal experience purchasing from a specific seller and has been very happy with their purchase. Preferably east coast side. I’m not familiar with the Canadian market and whether the hunter discipline is common up there.


Hi! I’m from the PNW and while I don’t personally know good barns to import from, I feel like local trainers Sammie & Jamie Smith (Red Gate Farm, Redmond WA) import a lot from Canada. If you don’t mind paying a commission, maybe contact them to help you?

Happy horse hunting!

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Georgia Hunt, Foxstone Stables. Our barn has imported two very nice hunters from her! She seems to have a great selection/access to incredible hunters.

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Meadowlands Farm, they’re on Facebook.

There are some VERY nice hunters in Canada, and some good horse shows at nice facilities with tons of entries. I’ve been to shows around Ottawa and Toronto, as well as the Royal Winter Fair. I haven’t been to the shows out west.

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They do hunters in Canada just like we do in the US so the breeding/showing/sales situation is pretty similar to what we have in the states.


Kristjan Good is called “The Derby Whisperer” and “Derby King” up here :slight_smile: I’m not sure if he’s got anything currently for sale, but he has connections to find clients good horses so may be able to assist. He shows in Canada and the US and is based in Ontario. He was at one point riding and showing the W. Charlot Farms stallions - another possible source. I think they’ve won several Hunter Breeder of the Year awards. (public FB page and has his contact info)


I was going to provide his name as well. If you want something that does the derbies, he’s likely your best contact. He also travels around and schools horses elsewhere, even into Quebec, so it’s likely that he has connections to various barns where he might be able to recommend an appropriate horse.

I’ve reached out thank you!

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Reached out, thank you for your help!

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I 2nd Meadowlands training and sales……Tamara Hall and Rodney Tulloch always have gorgeous hunters for sale! We sold them one of our horses for them to sell in California and Tamara actually ended up keeping him for her daughter! They’re on FB and Instagram

Also, Jenn Timms currently has some lovely hires s for sale……she’s currently in California showing and has them on FB……she’s a lovely young pro

Another vote for contacting Tamara at Meadowlands, Rodney Tulloch, and Kristjan Good.