ReRiders! Check it out --

I have done a crazy thing but thought some of you might enjoy! As an older adult amateur rider, I have some how managed to become a ReRider sage on Tiktok! I would love to have your feedback. Anything I should talk about? I have been doing some specific rerider episodes and some that just talk about stuff we encounter, but I would love feedback if you can! If you aren’t on TikTok I have also been sharing on Instagram (@lizzorides) and FB, but it’s @lizzorides


Following you :smile:

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My people - about to be re-rider for the 3rd f*cking time in the last 7 years…

Rode 6 -18: eventing, pony club, dressage. Took ages 18-25 off. Rode from 25 to almost 30: jumpers got to around .90m. Took 30 to 31 off, moved to PNW rode for 6 months: a blast on aging jr junter bopping around under 2’6, and took another 1 year break while house shopping in 2 states and changing jobs, and at 32 have purchased property with partner in SoCal in very horsey area and am going to tour barns this month!!!

So out of shape, cannot decide what discipline I want (jumpers, eventing, dressage, hunters) and wondering if a looming recession (tech job here) is a good time to full lease a show horse, hahaha.


Not sure if I count as a re-rider since the only time I stopped was in grad school and that was a LONG time ago. Though I have had a lot of on and off due to lame/recovering horses. But I must be your demographic as your TikToks keep showing up in my feed. Will follow if I haven’t already.

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Omg I’ve been following you since your first TikTok! I had no idea I “knew” you from here!

I love your videos, especially the one where you talked about your saddle because I don’t know much about Tad Coffins at all, and your horse is adorable!!

Seriously, keep up the good work!
(I’m Greymaremusic on there, though sadly I lost my grey mare last year)

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Yay! Following. Was thinking about creating a TikTok to discuss adult rerider stuff and track the progress of my lease… Maybe you’ll be my motivation to actually do it!


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28 year old re-rider here who did the peak Adult Ammy thing and bought a 5 year old OTTB (and got lucky because he is an absolute gem).

Getting in shape will come – I’ve been doing a flexibility + mobility program focused on equestrians with Jack La Torre that’s done wonders for my riding – but found myself far more drawn to hunters after realizing the speed of jumpers scared the shit out of me. The OTTB and I are hunters and fox hunters and that’s quite enough excitement for us!

I work in advertising so feel the squeeze of an impending recession but have taken more of a “well fuck it I already own the damn horse” approach. Will plan on cutting shows fully if things get tight.


I’m an older out of shape re-rider. I suck at riding but oh it’s still so fun. Going to go check out your insta. I’m not on TikTok.

I lesson with an event rider and am having a blast.

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are we the same person? lol

26 yr old re-rider and am free leasing-to-buy a 6 yr old OTTB. in my defense, he is my second OTTB so I remember what I’m in for from my last mare.

i’ll be watching out for your updates!

ETA: i work in sales and… yeah. the looming recession is silently killing me

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Ugh I get it, my fiancé is in sales in the tech space.

I got lucky with my OTTB for the most part but I swear he spends my money like a new york socialite


Thank you!! I really appreciate it!!

Thank you! I really appreciate it!!

I am in advertising too! Basically that’s why I stopped because I got married and moved to NY , worked at a big agency and was gone for weeks at a time. Children and travel plus husband — no way to ride☹️ But we finally moved to VA and now it’s a lot more accessible!! So totally back at at!!

It’s on Instagram too! Thank you!!