Researching breeding . Advice appreciated!

I’m interested in Breeding my kwpn mare for my next future competition horse (hopefully). BUT I’d like to do embryo transfer so she can still compete.

I have my own facility and capability of handling broodmares and foals, but I’m a noob when it comes to the breeding part.

I have a couple stallions picked out and some potential broodmares for lease…

Please help educate me with the costs of doing this and any other advice you’d like to give!

And just out of curiosity, how much do breeders make off of selling a foals? I’ve heard that the breeding process can be expensive

Depending on your area you should look into facilities that have recipient mares available for lease. These mares are experienced recipients who have successfully had embryos implanted. This will improve your success rate.

I recently got a quote to do the embryo transfer of around 5k. That didn’t include leasing a recipient as I have a very good candidate here.

In terms of making money I think you’ll find unless you have a top top mare your chances of truly making money are fairly low after paying the bills on an embryo transfer even if everything goes flawlessly. Getting back a chunk of what you invest in the process is a definite possibility though.

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Thank you!

I have access to free leasing an experienced broodmare so that would save me a little chunk I’m assuming.

My only concern is how quickly it adds up if ET doesn’t take….and any vet bills said broodmares will have. :thinking:

The problem with leasing a broodmare before hand is that the mares have to be perfectly synch’d to have a good chance of the embryo taking in the recipient mare. This is easier when you have a herd of mares like repro facilities have.

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Oh right! I completely forgot about that. Well there goes that idea :woman_facepalming:t3:

It’s not impossible to sync up one mare to be a recip but it definitely makes it a bit harder. I wanted to stack the odds in my favor so went with an excellent vet with an entire recip herd so they had a few mares to choose from that matched not only my mare’s cycle but also was a similar size and build as well.