Respect your Majesty, Respect!

her ‘everyday saddle horse’ perhaps?

I think they are really involved in preserving those rare British breeds.


A little video footage of the Queen at the show. She looks beautiful!


She looks wonderful!


Here is an article with details about the event. It’s a gift article, so no paywall.


She bred Cleveland Bays for years, and sure had her priorities straight: Disposition first and foremost.


I agree with the Queen about disposition being the first and foremost selection criteria.

A really good disposition can make conformation faults much more bearable to an owner.

My first horse had a most wonderful disposition, which really helped make his horribly conformed legs more bearable (calf and knock knees, sickle and almost touching hocks). Fortunately he stayed mostly sound in spite of all the jumping and galloping I did decades ago.

How good a disposition did he have? Most women, after being around him for around 10 minutes or so, would turn to me with tears in their eyes asking WHY he could not be a human man since they would marry him in a minute.


and Happy!

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This whole thing made me both happy and a little teary-eyed. The queen looks great, and her love for the horses so obvious. There wont be another like her, ever.


If you want to follow a few of the Queen’s ex-race horses, look at the Thoroughbred Dressage group on Facebook. One of her former horses, Quad, is doing upper level work. She has visited him a few times, which is so nice. The group posts pictures of her with the horses when she does visit.

A long time ago, someone I knew bought a horse off the track from Santa Anita. She was delightfully surprised to see he was bred by the Queen! Stunning horse.

As an aside, I went to the races at Goodwood and was it was interesting to see how British thoroughbreds looked compared to American. British horses looked more like warmbloods in build. They were so beautiful.


She breeds Shetlands and Highlands at Balmoral, and Fell ponies at Hampton Court.

Also there’s a nice video about her CB stallion here:

She also shrugged off any mobility issues on Monday when she was gifted a Karabakh horse by the president of Azerbaijan. He seems quite spirited :wink: (ETA the horse. Not the president)

She’s had quite a few horses as gifts over the years!


Thanks for the articles!

some of the things look like what we are getting from the well meaning family, just more expensive…

Of course, no pictures of the actual horses. Booo!

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And it seems she is back in the saddle! Woop woop!


That’s awesome, go Your Majesty, ride on!


Exactly! Grab mane and kick on, my lady!

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Riding is great physical therapy for a person with mobility issues. For the Queen, riding also provides tremendous psychological benefits.


clear the mind, the lungs, and fill the heart.

and she is likely still a more effective rider than I could ever dream to be.