Retinal detachment from high blood pressure

Has anyone had vision return after retinal detachment?

He seems to be doing okay as a blind cat. His blood pressure was 280 at the vet’s office. Started him on medication to lower the blood pressure. He probably has kidney and liver disease started. He has a rapid heart rate and mild murmur. The vet thinks he might regain vision in one eye, or not. We did not do bloodwork yet. The vet suggested we stabilize him, get him on the blood pressure medication and recheck in 2 weeks.

I thought I would be putting him down today so am relieved to have him home. He’s 17 years old. The previous vet who looked at him 8 months ago said heart failure and low blood pressure - due to covid I don’t know if she took the blood pressure measurement or the tech. It’s possible the tech didn’t get it right, as I thought he had high blood pressure at that point.

He seems comfortable - I am assisting him with the litter box until he can find it on his own. I don’t really expect him to survive another 6 months, but I didn’t think he would make it this far. I’m surprised by how calmly he accepted this- he is handling it better than I am, but he always was a pretty relaxed cat. I really thought this was the end. Of course he could go downhill at any point. Just have to see how he does over the next few days.

He sleeps more then he used to, doesn’t want to climb on the furniture without my help, but always eats well and has continued to eat well today despite being blind. So fingers crossed.

No idea about a cat but over 60 years ago the retina detached from my step fathers eye. He was near a Hospital and was taken straight into surgery.

The surgeon said he would have been blind for life if they had waited. He also said it could last 5 min or 20 years but they could not fix it if it happened again. It lasted the rest of his life

Has your cat been tested for hyperthyroidism? High heart rate, heart murmur, hypertension, and age all point to this as a possibility. The fact that he’s eating well in spite of all this also points to hyperthyroidism. If he is hyperthyroid, treatment can get it under control within a few weeks, and symptoms should improve so that he’s more comfortable. It won’t likely restore his vision though.

Mine regained partial vision after his blood pressure stabilized on the meds.

He does have hyperthyroidism and is on treatment for it. They have tested his thyroid and he appears to be doing well on medication. He likely has something going on with his kidneys and liver- they aren’t failing but they did show elevations on his last bloodwork.

Rubygirl- how long did it take for your cat to regain partial vision? I’m watching him carefully but have not seen any signs of his sight returning.

He is doing okay. Not very active- I just feel bad because his favorite activity was to stare outside the window and now he can’t do that. He has not climbed anything since he has lost his sight- not even to get on the couch. He just sleeps on the floor, however, he hasn’t been climbing much in the last year- getting arthritic too.

I figured I would probably lose him this year. I just didn’t want him to go blind or suffer in the process. But he does seem to sniff his way around and he doesn’t appear painful. He just doesn’t make eye contact and sort of looks lost. Gazing off into space. Poor baby. He does purr and loves to be held.

I keep hoping he regains some sight.

I think it took a little while, maybe a month or so. His blood pressure came down relatively fast once he started the medicine.

It’s hard when they get older and they have these issues. I know I wished many times I could snap my fingers and he would be his healthy self again. I know we all do.

I’m glad he’s feeling good right now. Enjoy those purring hugs! I hope he does regain some sight soon. *Fingers crossed

Fingers crossed for your boy. My sweet girl was able to gain some eye sight back after retinal detachment due to high blood pressure. She stabilized relatively quickly on medication and relatively soon (a month or two) she started to see. She was end stage renal failure, but I did get an extra 6 months with her and she tolerated the medication quite well.

Good luck with your guy and give him an extra stritch!