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Retirement Board in Washington State

I’m looking for retirement board recommendations within 2 hours of Seattle. I’m also interested in places that people would avoid (happy to get those via PM). I’m not in a hurry, so they can be places with a waitlist.

My gelding gets great care at the place he is now, and it’s close to me. BUT I’d really like him to be somewhere with bigger pastures, group turnout, and a slightly drier climate. That probably means east over I-90 or west onto Whidbey Island or the Peninsula.

He’s fully retired from riding so my priority is giving him his best horsey life, one that he enjoys. He wants 24/7 access to the outdoors. In a perfect world he’d be in a herd, or at least turned out with other horses during the day. He’s an easy keeper so a mix of paddock and pasture is probably fine.

Ideally I’ll find someone I can trust with his daily care, with a barn vet and farrier to make scheduling easy. If they can hold for those appointments when I can’t make it, that’s ideal. If he’s more than 45 minutes from me I won’t get there more often than every 3 to 4 weeks.

Is Ellensburg too far? Anna Hatvany has a lovely place out there with pastures with shelters and/or stalls. She’s on FB so you can contact her there. She’s also an equine body worker - her business is Mane Attraction.

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Ellensburg is not too far - it’s almost exactly 2 hours. Thank you for the suggestion!

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