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Retirement Boarding in Western/Central MA

Does anyone know of retirement barns in western/central MA? I’m southwest of the Quabbin Reservoir in Hampshire County and have done quite a bit of searching on Google, FB, and the forums but just thought I’d ask here as well. I’ve found a few places but they’re a bit farther than I’d like, ideally wouldn’t be too far so I can check on her once/twice a week.

The horse is a 14 y/o OTTB mare, barefoot, no soundness issues or anything that requires medical attention/medication. Does best with lots of group turnout, can be 24/7 with run-in shed, and free choice hay (prior issues with ulcers). However, I am a little bit of a stickler about fencing, prefer it to be solid. Electric is fine if used in conjunction with some kind of solid fencing but no wire/cord on its own.

For anyone else in the area, does this sound realistic at all? I’ve never really boarded at any retirement facilities so a little new to this.

Have you asked your vet (or other vet practices in the area)? They will know of all the barns, including the smaller, private ones, as well as the quality of care.

What you are looking for is reasonable. I suggest you also ask for (and give) references. Look for a place with little turnover.

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