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Retirement Suggestions

Hi! I’m looking for suggestions on reputable retirement farms in the NJ area. Willing to consider NY/PA as well. My hunter/jumper show mare was diagnosed with Lyme in the winter and has physically recovered, but mentally needs some time off to learn to be a horse again. I’m looking for a farm specifically designed for retirement, lots of turnout with friends, with a stall for poor weather. Also, blanket changes, fly spray, grooming here and there, care that looks after little bumps and scrapes from being turned out. Basically I do not want to just “throw her in a field.” I have had her boarded at show barns for that last 6 years with top care, and I am looking for similar care but with reduced costs as I am not looking for riding amenities, etc. I will not turn over my rights as owner as I am hoping this retirement is just temporary. Also, I must be able to visit her once or twice a month depending on the location so I can groom and spoil her. She is my baby and this is a huge change for us, I will be picky! Thank you!!!

No suggestions for you, but it might help you get more responses if you put the location in the thread title. You might consider cross-posting to hunter/jumper as well, they might have a few ideas!

Hunterdon Valley Stables in Ringoes. They specialize in young horses and retirement. I have a coming yearling there who has been thriving and all of the retirees look fantastic.

Old Friends Farm in PA is run by CoTH member lawndart. I retired my Sonny to there. He was well taken care of. She really cares about all of the horses on her farm.

I think you are looking more for Lay-up facility than a retirement facility

adding that to the thread title might get more bites

I opened thinking you are looking for input for your own retirement

Are you willing to consider Lancaster County, PA?