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Rhino blanket seam issues?

I bought a 250gm Rhino Plus turnout blanket and have had it less than a week. I’m noticing issues at the seams in multiple areas which surprised me as they’re supposed to be more durable. I can’t tell why it’s happening whether it’s a manufacturing issue or it’s getting chewed on by another horse. If it’s the latter, is there something horse-safe I should put on the blanket so they don’t chew it? Normally I would throw an old rainsheet on top but it’s a bit too warm for 2 layers.

Photo 1:

Photo 2:
Photo 3:

Here’s a link to original blanket: Horseware Rhino Plus with Vari-Layer 250gm

Hmmm that looks like butt rubbing on something that’s snagging the fabric…any chance that might be the issue? Any of those pretty purple threads caught on any fencing or stall walls or trees about butt high?


I don’t think she’s catching it on anything, she’s never had this issue before as she’s always been a very neat and tidy horse since I bought her. I am wondering if it is one of the other horses that she goes outside with, he used to be pretty easygoing but now he’s pretty bold & playful. Not a bad thing, he’s a nice horse but I am a little worried about my blankets as I know for sure that he shredded the previous midweight blanket before this one in a similar spot.

My guess was going to be the same as Simkie’s but it could be from another horse snagging it too. The wrinkled look is just the threads that make the fabric being snagged and pulled.

Have you tried rap last? It works for some to prevent chewing on stuff.

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Agree, look like snags. But, for a Rhino quality blanket I would expect better. It’s brand new! Can you send a picture to the retailer or Rhino?

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This blanket is “only” 1000 denier so I am guessing the thought will be that they can not guarantee it from tooth marks from a known blanket destroyer.

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simkie pretty much nailed it, …also that tear is not in a seam but in the fabric… looks like a job for Gorilla Tape to attend

I have a blanket butt grabber gelding here, but the damage he causes doesn’t look like this–I end up with small L shaped tears instead. Something looks to be snagging threads here, and pulling them? Curious for sure!

If you have a stiff fly sheet, like a kensington, or the rambo one, toss that over the top of your blanket to protect it. :slight_smile:

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Yes that’s what I thought too, I had bought it hoping it would hold up a little better than others. I reached out to them so hopefully will get a reply soon

I believe it’s 1000 Denier polypropylene which they said on the website is supposed to be stronger than 1200 Denier polyester, although honestly I have no idea what that means.

Yes I heard about the fly sheet trick! Unfortunately I don’t have one that would fit right now but I’ll look around for some

That’s not terribly strong compared to ballistic nylon such as Rambos. Even fairly cheap blankets can be made from 1200 denier polypropylene.

It’s definitely being caused by catching on something sharp, and given the location it appears to be from butt rubbing. If another horse was biting on the blanket they wouldn’t be able to grab only one or two threads like that. Biting horses tend to cause tears, not snags in the fabric.

I’d be scouring the turnout to look for whatever the horse is rubbing on. Best guess would be a nail or sharp wire on one of the fence posts, as the posts appear to be about the right height.

To “repair” the blanket, just stretch the fabric back into shape as much as you can, snip off any threads that you can’t stretch back into place, and put a dollop of silicone on the small hole that is left. Silicone will waterproof it and it will stay there basically forever.

I use a Rhino sheet (couple of years old now) with no problems. I put a plasticy type of fly sheet (Kensington) on over top to protect it.

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Okay, I’ll definitely look at switching to Rambo when I need a new one! I did check the paddock, there’s nothing obvious that stood out besides that it’s on a slope (not sure if that has an effect) and she’s a pretty careful horse. However, I moved her into a different paddock anyways just in case I’m missing something.

Okay thanks! Is there a specific silicone product that is best? I saw on the Horseware website they have something called Horseware® Stormsure so I wasn’t sure if I should use something like that? Sorry my horse has never really had any blanket snags/rips before this since I’ve owned her!

Hmmm - in very humble, possibly ridiculous opinion - those don’t look like seams, they look like darts,
put in to help the blanket fit over the hips - and they look puckered - like faulty stitching. I am not sure this has anything to do with the fabric or denier - to me it looks like a problem with manufacturing.

You might also look into the Bucas line of blankets - very high quality, thoughtful features and excellent fit for my mare.

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I agree with the others on the ‘looks like a snag and not from a blanket eater’.

I use a nylon sheet (Schneider’s) over my blankets instead of a fly sheet. The nylon is not a rain sheet (no waterproofing). It has the added benefit of keeping the outside of the blanket a little cleaner, and I can wash it in my washer rather than send it out.

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Ah interesting! To be honest I’m not great with fabric and that sort of thing so you’re probably right, I don’t think it’s seams.

Okay thanks! I do have a light sheet but am hesitant to put an extra layer on right now as it will create a bit more heat and it’s not quite cold enough for another layer.