Rick wallace briggs surratt

Can we talk about what is happening between Briggs and Rick? Are they a couple? anyone can offer insight to make sense of this? I believe this has gone on since briggs was quite young and it isn’t clear what is going on.

If there’s a Safe Sport violation you should report it. Otherwise I’m not sure we need to discuss people’s personal issues.


There is a (publicly viewable) post on Rick’s social media referencing a SafeSport investigation, so it appears that already happened. And their relationship is also public on their social media.

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Usually the Safe Sport violations for sexual misconduct don’t come out of publicly recognized current relationships these days. More likely to come out of past actions or out of current things that are out of public sight.

FYI, the public FB post says “While being misunderstood by many, Briggs and I have an outstanding relationship! We have survived a SafeSport inquiry and that’s ok!” So, he didn’t leave any question as to what it related to, but of course it also appears no action was taken.


So the complaint could have been filed by a third party about this relationship, or it could have been filed by a third party about their relationship to either of them. This comment doesn’t really say.

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How is their personal life any of your business? As noted above, he (Rick) addressed their relationship with Safe Sport already.



It sounds like it was a complaint without substance and nothing in that post suggests it was even about them as a couple. We aren’t owed any more information. I appreciate that they acknowledged the complaint without drama and its none of our business.


What is there to make sense of? What do you mean it isn’t clear what is going on? They are both open about their relationship on social media, and Rick mentions Briggs a lot when hosting his eventing podcast as well (the Jon and Rick show).

The bigger thing to make sense of is why you made an account here just to ask this question rather than confront your own homophobia.


I wish them every happiness. We used to share a beer with Rick after XC, back in the olden days. Congratulations to them both!


Briggs started working for him when he was (probably) a minor and at some point it developed into a relationship. Hard to know when but honestly no ones business. Clearly while he was a consenting adult. Is it a bit outside the norm, sure but there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s pretty clear they are together so unsure where you are missing that


Woah everyone. I don’t have social media or follow Wallace eventing in any way. I have only seen them at a few shows. NO homophobia present, I literally just wanted to know if it was purely student or if there was something more. Amazing how I can ask pure question out of ignorance and people unfairly attack. I wish them all the best, but I literally just didn’t know what was happening as I don’t follow social media. All answers here are about it being a known social media post, but if you hadn’t seen that, my question is sincere.


I had only seen them a few times so I wasn’t sure! It hasn’t become “clear” as I have only seen them for a few minutes. Good for them

I don’t have a facebook so I wouldn’t know. Thank you for clarification.

This is insane. Read my question again without you projecting. I genuinely asked a question. I first saw them when briggs was very young, and have seen them once or twice since then. Just like many other students. It is the same way I could ask if Karen and David are a couple and no one would questioning discrimination. I don’t have socials so i would have never gotten to see a post unless it was on eventing nation. People always jump to the harshest reasons when all I was doing is asking a legitimate question. So please, maybe understand where the person is coming from before jumping to rash conclusions. Explanation below as I apparently have to justify every question nowadays.

It would still be weird to be on an internet forum asking questions about the personal lives of people you don’t know.

I’m going to quote you specifically so you don’t feel “unfairly attacked”. This is the part I find strange:

Why would you need to know that? Bar a case of suspected abuse (in which case, by all means disclose your concerns, but in a more appropriate forum), this just isn’t something anyone needs to be talking about. For that reason, I don’t consider inquiries like this to be a “legitimate question”.


This is strictly their personal business and no one else’s “affair”. I have messaged and spoken to Rick many times and have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for him. I have a special feeling for him because of the training he did with Oskar II (TK Stallion) when he was newly in the US and how he brought him along in dressage. He has a wonderful touch and relationship with the horses he trains and it’s a shame he didn’t get Oskar after all he did. I know he has some Oskar offspring. I think we should be glad that someone like Rick is training and competing. The horses clearly benefit from him.