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I have recently been starting to plan for potentially breeding my own baby. This will hopefully be a do it all low levent eventer + that I will have until my golden years. I have a herd of ottbs and other rescues and am new to this breeding stuff. My heart is telling me to go the path of a RID cross…Some sort of ISH. I am not familiar enough with any of these stallions and I should say I do not know who my broodmare is yet (possibly tb, possibly dutch…I will really base it on the stallion and fortunately I have some options as im arranging a custom breeding) So what reccomendations are out there around RID stallions? Steeped in Luck looks lovely, and a couple others have caught my eye. Opinions?

Oh, I think you will receive some enthusiastic replies to your post! Those who have experience with Irish Draughts and their crosses are a loyal group! I am relatively new to the breed and others will have more sage advice about stallions but I can share this. We have two young Irish Draught geldings. One by Mountain Pearl and the second by Lionwood Kinsale’s Lad. Amazing temperament, great movement, amateur friendly, people loving, and trainable. Sound, great feet. Kind, curious, smart. Can’t say enough good things! Many great RID stallions in the US. Good luck with your search!

Bridon Beale Street aka Liam


Nice page showing how he crosses on various mares:


There are so many nice RID stallions. My wonderful 10 yr old RID is by Glenlara. My daughter has a terrific, sweet, 5 year old IDSH who is by Glenda Player/Playland Farm’s PL Diamond Hill. He has been such an easy going, talented, youngster. We know several of Diamond’s offspring who are all nice, easy going and talented. Glenda initially bred Diamond to a number of Arabian mares. Now, she is also breeding to warmbloods and others, as the Arabians often produced offspring who are a bit small.

[QUOTE=twelvegates;7318154]Bridon Beale Street aka Liam


Nice page showing how he crosses on various mares:


Thanks for the tip…Do you have experience with this gentleman?

Ok I just found another thread for Bridon Beale Street…seems like a really nice lad! Much research to do tomorrow:yes:
Thank you1

I will second Liam - Bridon Beale Street. He is producing very nice. I have met him and love his temperament. I have a RID mare by the same sire (Mountain Pearl) and had a mare out of the same dam. Both great mares, so he combines the best of both worlds for me.

Another to look at is Moorpark Image. He seems to produce foals that are “born broke” I bred an ID colt by him that is being run on as a stallion prospect by his owner. So calm, confident and lovely mover.

Dandelion Diamond Rebel - will produce 100% grey. Love the temperament he has produced. My RID mare & TB both have had foals by him. His IDSH cleans up in dressage and owner is also trying eventing for 1st time with him.

ETA: I have had an ID by Steeped in Luck and have 2 foals due in 2014 by him. I don’t know if he will show in 2014, but his availability fresh this past year was based on showing. If you can use frozen, then there is no issue. If you must have fresh, check with the owners, before getting set on him.

I recommend looking at Braveheart


I have a great deal of personal experience with him, and can NOT emphasize enough how incredible his temperament is, and he passes it to his offspring. He is an absolute dream to ride. Phenomenally athletic… for a fairly big horse I never dreamed it would be like handling a tiny sportscar, until the first ride. I was blown away by his athletic ability.

I bought a broodmare this year specifically to breed to him in the spring. I ride dressage professionally, but need a quiet dependable ride for my “play” time over fences and at low level events and I know this guy will produce it. Plus enough talent in the dressage ring to keep me happy :slight_smile:

He had 2 offspring at the AEC’s this year, one finished 9th in the Sr Novice Amateur and one who finished 14th in the Preliminary Horse.

My best friend and next door neighbor has a 1.5 year old filly by Liam, out of an ISH eventing mare. This baby was born to jump. I watched her leap over muck buckets and logs, just because she wanted to do so, since she was a couple months old. She has gorgeous gaits, even though she is butt high at the moment. Her temperament is what you’d expect from a 3/4 ID – nothing seems to bother her too much and she likes attention. She has amazing bone and the thickest, “Thelwell pony” mane and tail as well.:slight_smile:

I have a simply lovely youngster by Its the Luck of the Irish (Flagmount King) out of a Connemara mare. :slight_smile:

I have a fancy homebred 2009 Bridon Beale Street mare out of a AHHA approved TB mare (MMB) that is a Secretariat great granddaughter (and looks it!). She has Irish reg papers and passport, and is EU microchipped. She received excellent comments at her IDHSNA inspection this year and is approved for breeding. We love her charming and humorous personality as well as her gentle and forgiving nature. She was started last summer and was basically born broke - no fuss, no buck, just hop on and go after just a week’s worth of groundwork. When we have non-horsey visitors and they want to go for a pony ride, they get to ride her because she will take care of them. Can’t say enough good things about her disposition and attitude!!! And she is a nice mover and of course, can jump like all the BBS babies can. :yes:

I have met Steeped in Luck a number of times, including when he was just being started undersaddle. He is a beautiful horse, with a very good show record and has a lovely temperament. I have seen a few of his offspring out of TB mares and they have been very nice, and are just starting their show careers.
Disclaimer: Steeped in Luck is owned by friends of mine.

New RID Stallion

Crystal Crest Class 1 (RID)is a newly imported stallion currently standing with Andrew Palmer. He is by Coolcronan Wood (Seacrest).
Pics and video available form Andrew Palmer, Royal Palm Stables, Alabama. #334-790-5507

Im so happy I posted here as I had no idea the options! Thank you all so much!

You have gotten me SO excited for the future. I have a warmblood/TB mare in foal to Bridon Beale Street, due in April ( I looked at Steeped in Luck as well and thought he was lovely too). Can’t wait to see what I get!!
Regarding Liam–Connie was great to work with, totally on the ball with communication for breeding/shipping semen. Semen viability was great, mare was a 13 year old maiden and caught on the first cycle of breeding.

I would agree with the other posters that Bridon Beale Street and Steeped in Luck look like very good options. They are both on my short list based upon type, temperament (from what I’ve heard from those that have seen the stallions and those that have offspring), and performance.

We have a weanling filly by *Winmaur Sargeant Pepper (Snowford Bellman) that I adore; super temperament and very big, lofty mover. Bellman is now deceased, Fergal (WSP) has been exported back to England, and another Bellman son, Harkaway Lionhawk has been exported to Ireland. I really liked this line (met them all in person) and Bellman still has a son standing here in the US, Bridon Belfrey. Those that know him better can pipe in. Fergal, Hawk, and I believe Belfrey are all a bit shorter and seem to throw smaller, if you don’t want as much height.

I’ve also always liked the look of KEC Double Diamond (although I really know nothing about him).

Where are you located it might be fun to go see what is available to you locally? Think about what you are looking for as Irish Draughts encompass a range of type from more warmblood like(Glenlara who is available frozen) to very substantial (Beeston Laird and Foxglen Himself) We have stallions ranging from 15.2(Fergal who has frozen maybe) to 17.3 (Dandelion Diamond Rebel and Beeston Laird) Some stallions throw a lot of substance on TB and some will not add as much substance. Some stallions are known for easy going amateur temperaments and some will have more competitive temperaments. Some throw very good movement and can improve TBs for dressage. Some throw solid citizens but not upper level energy in a halfbred. So imagine your dream horse and how different that is from your mare…imagine what you want to keep from your mare…what do you want to not have from your mare. What do you want in your foal? PatO

Dandelion Diamond Rebel is 17 hands and he has some smaller behind him. 1 foal from my 17 hand mare matured to 16.1, the other 2 are around 16.3