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Ride times for Jr riders

Anyone know what time a modified class for juniors is allowed to start on a Friday? A local show has one starting at 1:00 pm and I thought they couldn’t start until 2 or 3

Considering that I’ve seen junior classes routinely on Thursdays and the USHJA championships in Las Vegas had junior classes starting Wednesday, I’m not sure whether or not there is a rule. I do remember a rule in the past that said something to the effect of whenever possible junior classes should run on the weekend and maybe Friday.

What show? What class? “Modified” means very different things depending on the part of the country and the show circuit.

I don’t believe there is a “rule”. Most shows, esp local ones, which don’t get the entries of indoors, Devon etc, will elect to have them after normal school hours or on a weekend. But this is only to increase their income, not bc of a rule.


You could write your local HJ association. Ours does not have a specific rule, but by convention, most classes for juniors occur on Sat and Sunday whenever possible, especially in the case of popular divisions. Same goes for adults. I imagine you are referring to pre-children’s hunters and not mod jr/amateur hunters (3’3) or mod junior jumpers, right? If the classes you refer to are not a main/large division of your circuit, they may not apply to a general convention of having kids’ classes on Sat/Sunday.

I got real excited when I saw this thread title and thought we might be getting ride times like eventers have!


In terms of USEF I am not aware of a “rule.” It’s routine for junior classes to happen during the week. Junior equitation always starts on a weekday in the morning at Devon, for example. Juniors, children, and amateurs would all probably benefit from having all their classes over the weekend but there are only so many pro classes and ways to spread things out.

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Ride times

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